Case Study – TriYoga of Central Pennsylvania

“Zen Planner saved my sanity and brain capacity. We can now take on more teachers, students and events since it’s not reliant on my brain. Every aspect of the organization has grown since implementing Zen Planner.”

Case Study – Spiral Path Yoga Center

"I needed a simple way for students to check-in and purchase memberships and Zen Planner’s app was exactly what I was looking for. These self-service features were a life saver."

Case Study – Windsoul Studio

“We enjoy Zen Planner’s flexibility of the scheduling system, the integration of the payment process, the retail functionality and of course the fact that it is embedded into our website.”

Case Study – Duluth Fit Body Boot Camp

"Zen Planner helped me grow my business, and I recommend them to all gym owners I know. I wouldn’t be successful enough to expand my business to a second location without them.”

Case Study – Lakeside Fit Body Boot Camp

“I had reservations and worries about the switch from MindBody® to Zen Planner, but it turned out to be the very best decision and experience.”

Case Study – Forte Fitness

"We plan to double our membership base within the next year and without Zen Planner, this growth plan would not be possible."

Case Study – Cheer360

“We were immediately drawn to Zen Planner’s culture. Their team is supportive and easy going, and they made us feel right at home.”

Case Study – M.A.D.E Fitness

“I thank God for Zen Planner. Their features are ‘off-the-chain’ wonderful, and our members love their features.”

Case Study – Youth Combine

"Zen Planner reduced the operating expenses of my non-profit organization by 20%."

Case Study – Tejasfit


“With Zen Planner, my entire member management process is automated, and it makes my life so much easier. I don't even need to think about collecting payments or renewing memberships.”

Case Study – Inner Athlete


“There’s only 24 hours in the day and one me. Zen Planner allows me to maximize what I can do, and I wouldn’t have my business without It. “

Case Study – Ludwig Martial Arts Case Study

“Implementing the prospect funnel saves me an hour and a half every day. I recommend Zen Planner to all of our affiliates.”

Case Study – Oasis Martial Arts of AZ

Zen Planner Enables Oasis Martial Arts to Spend Fewer Hours on Administrative Tasks. This Time Saved Goes to Serving More Underprivileged Kids.

Case Study – Relson Gracie Jiu Jitsu

“They are a world-class organization dedicated to people, with a product that is superior to all others on the market.”

Case Study – USA Seibukan

“Not only do the Zen Planner support team members listen to my questions and concerns, but they also think ahead and suggest ways I can more fully utilize the software. All this just helps me save more time and grow my business.”

Case Study – Chosen Martial Arts Academy

"Unlike other systems, you can set Zen Planner up to run your business the way you want. It saves time and money. I recommend it to all my colleagues."

Case Study – Close Combat & Fitness

“Zen Planner is so easy to set up and use. Within 45 minutes, our member and business information was imported into Zen Planner and ready to go."

Case Study – Crossfit Park Avenue

“It was very clear to me after speaking with other CrossFit™ owners that you have to have Zen Planner to run your fitness facility.”

Case Study – Crossfit Wired

“I always recommend Zen Planner because it is super easy to use, they offer awesome customer service and they are always willing to take product requests based on our requirements. Simply put, Zen Planner rocks!”

Case Study – Raincity Athletics

“I feel like I have personally had a conversation with almost every person in the company. Anytime I need support, I have a real conversation with a real person who genuinely cares about my issues and wants to better my business.”

Case Study – CrossFit Palm Beach

"With Zen Planner, coaches can now spend all their time coaching and building relationships, maximizing the full 60-minute class and providing a much better member experience."

Case Study – Crossfit Blacksburg

“The support team is great at helping us resolve issues. Anytime we have a question, we don’t hesitate to pick up the phone and give them a call. They are always there to help.”

Case Study – Forge Fitness

“The support team is great at helping us resolve issues. Anytime we have a question, we don’t hesitate to pick up the phone and give them a call. They are always there to help.”

Case Study – B3 CrossFit & Body by Boris


"I was able to systematize everything and transition the way I ran things from a hobby to a business. I wouldn't have gotten where I am today without Zen Planner."

Case Study – CrossFit Turbine

“Zen Planner may not be a perfect fit for everybody, but I encourage fitness gym owners to interview all of the software providers and chances are you will be more impressed with Zen Planner than any other. Their product is the best, hands down.”

Case Study – Krav Maga Seattle™

"Zen Planner is the all-in-one solution for our business needs. Unlike with other systems, nothing’s lacking."

Case Study – Idaho Krav Maga

“We felt more comfortable with Zen Planner, had few questions and their software was clearly superior over their competitors.”

Case Study – Capital MMA & Elite Fitness

“Zen Planner provides my business with software that I need at a price I can afford. They’re the best in the business.”

Case Study – Texas Fighting Syndicate

“The Zen Planner staff was great to work with, helpful and knowledgeable which made the transition to their platform easy.”

Case Study – Kelber Coaching

“Zen Planner solved my time-consuming administrative challenges, provided a better experience for my clients and allowed me to grow my business.”

Case Study – The Works Personal Training

“My business quadrupled since using Zen Planner. I no longer had to worry about losing valuable client information or managing our member information. Zen Planner gave me the confidence to grow the business.”

Case Study – Brickhouse Cardio Club, A to Z Dance Fitness

“It was the ease-of-use and strong endorsement from other Brickhouse owners that made me decide to go with Zen Planner.”

Case Study – Cleveland Exotic Dance

“We needed a solution where we could have a good tracking system for member information and Zen Planner is it.”


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