Yoga Management Software Testimonial: Theresa Shay of TriYoga

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Running a yoga studio is rewarding, but it’s also a lot of work. Most studio owners launch their business because they want to teach yoga and spend time with their students, not because they want to devote their time to business management tasks. Fortunately, studio management software gives you the ability to run your yoga studio smarter and more efficiently while having more time to share your love of yoga with your community.

In the above video, Theresa Shay, director of TriYoga Pennsylvania, explains that running her business before using Zen Planner’s yoga management software was considerably more challenging. Since discovering Zen Planner, however, Theresa has been able to enjoy the fun of directing her studio without the additional stress.

“I am built to be a yoga teacher. I am not so much built to be a business owner or a number cruncher. That’s where Zen Planner came into being helpful.”

Theresa speaks about the incredibly friendly staff at Zen Planner and their pursuit to provide the assistance she requires. Having the Zen Planner staff on hand, and knowing they are always ready to help, is something which gives Theresa a feeling of great relief as a business director.

“The culture at Zen Planner was something that resonated. The feeling when I called in to ask questions was always about, ‘We want to help you. How can we help you?’”

Theresa is also pleased with Zen Planner’s devotion to helping her business thrive. She comments on how she is able to easily complete her budget with the Zen Planner “Staff App.” She laughs about her method for balancing her budget before the Staff App, and the unnecessary effort she would put into figuring out numerical details.

“I would actually, literally, lay out 12 to 16 pieces of paper on my kitchen floor and I would start counting. The first year I got Zen Planner, and it was time to do the budget, I hit a button. The numbers came up, and I made my budget.”

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Zen Planner has saved Theresa a tremendous amount of time and energy. By condensing a majority of her studio’s paperwork into a simple app, tasks are completed in a more productive manner.

And it’s not just Theresa who appreciates the Staff App. The entire TriYoga studio benefits because everyone on the team is able to access important material through this user-friendly medium.

“We really appreciate the Staff App. We can handle all the major tasks that we need a teacher to be able to handle from that one little app.”

TriYoga has seen a great amount of technological advancement since partnering with Zen Planner. In an increasingly tech-savvy business world, it is vital to continue and encourage growth in that direction.

“Before Zen Planner, we were working off clipboards, paper, pencil. After Zen Planner, we have iPads and iPhones!”

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