Success Stories from the 2015 CrossFit® Open

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Fitness team

Fitness team

Although the 2015 CrossFit® Open has come to an end, the inspiration we take away from the event lives on. The community at its core is about knocking down internal barriers, the anecdote to the mentality of “I can’t”. The sport has built an entire community around perseverance. It’s the constant pursuit of achieving goals, however an individual defines them. When it comes to witness this spirit in action, there’s no better manifestation of this relentless culture than the competition leading up to the yearlyCrossFit® Games.

We asked our clients to share inspirational stories about their athletes who participated in the 2015 Open, and the responses were amazing.

It’s always great to hear about kids participating in this community event. For example, we heard the story of 16-year-old Troy, of CrossFit Force2Reckon. He participated in the Open for the first time. Not only that, but he did his first muscle up and powered through 158 reps of 15.3. When asked about his feeling on his accomplishment, Troy said, “Life and CrossFit are synonymous: get lost in the heat of the moment, never forget to enjoy it, and make sure to redefine the “impossible” every single day.”

At CrossFit Maroochydore, there were stories of triumph and first-time accomplishments galore. Katie, who had never done a kipping pull-up before was able to string six together during 15.2. Brody and Meitz were able to do their first muscle-ups, and Chris and Benny smashed their Clean and Jerk prior bests.

Sue, also from CrossFit Maroochydore qualified for the Masters by finishing 2nd in Australia and 17th in the World! That is huge! Coach Matt Noonan bursts with pride as he talks about all his athletes and their great accomplishments. Matt says, “They make me a very proud coach and I love the community that we have here.”

Scott, of CrossFit 816

Scott, of CrossFit 816

CrossFit® athlete Scott, of CrossFit 816, took 15.3 by the horns by knocking out 163 reps. This alone is a solid score, but what’s amazing is that Scott had not successfully completed a single muscle-up before the Open.

On the day he did 15.3, he was able to find that proverbial “click” and complete 13 muscle-ups! Coach Sarah Neal recapped the moment of victory by saying, “It was an amazing accomplishment for Scott and it was amazing to witness. For us, that is one of the things CrossFit is all about- witnessing athletes exceed their expectations and seeing the look on their faces when they do it.”

Scott’s experience alone is amazing, but what makes you want to pull for him even more is how Sarah describes Scott, “He is an amazing athlete, but also a wonderful person and a great member of our community.”

We hope these tales of perseverance inspire you as they did us. Congratulations to these amazing athletes. Troy from CrossFit Force2Reckon, Katie, Sue, Brody, Meitz, Chris and Benny from CrossFit Maroochydore, and Scott from CrossFit 816, we admire you and your performance in the 2015 CrossFit® Open.

Having solid participation in the Open is a direct result of running a successful box. If you’re looking for ways to improve your box, check out our free Affiliate Gym eBook that highlights the top do’s and don’ts for running a successful box.

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