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In the testimonial video above, the team at CrossFit Krypton explains how Zen Planner has changed the trajectory of their business. Ben Smith, co-owner, expresses that Zen Planner has helped him to be more involved in training and coaching and has freed him from the more mundane tasks associated with the clerical side of his business.

“Zen planner has definitely helped reduce the time that you spend behind the desk. It saves a lot of time and a lot of writing things down… It keeps the gym organized behind the scenes, so you can spend less time on stuff like bills being paid and you can focus on coaching…” – Ben Smith (Co-owner)

The head coach of CrossFit Krypton, Adam Klink, also comments on member retention due to Zen Planner’s user-friendly system. The Zen Planner software helps to expedite the entire process and keep members coming back. With higher member retention comes a more thriving business.

“Zen Planner helps us retain members with everything from sign-ups, to sign-ins, to tracking members’ workout history. It’s kind of a one-stop shop for everything you need in a gym.” – Adam Klink (Head Coach)

Zen Planner’s Kiosk app helps members to feel at ease before class. By removing the need for long lines or multiple pages to fill out, the pre-class feeling is far calmer and more pleasant. The tone set at the start of class is pivotal to overall member enjoyment.

“The Kiosk app is really convenient for us. The members that come in immediately look for the iPad, so that they can sign themselves in for their reserved spot in class.” – Georgianna Brain (Front Desk Manager)

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Joaquin Schumacher, a member at CrossFit Krypton, mentions the benefits of the Zen Planner software. He pulls attention to the system taking note of who comes to class. According to him, this increases the self-awareness of members and boosts the incentive to actually show up. Joaquin believes this atmosphere of accountability is one that is conducive for self-growth.

“When I think of Zen Planner, accountability comes to mind…  I think that it helps the person individually understand where they’re at.” – Joaquin Schumacher (Gym Member)

Not only does Zen Planner help members progress, but coaches too! Adam Klink explains that because he can keep better track of who he coaches, he is able to be better at his job. Having statistics on a member helps with constructing more personalized training.

“Zen Planner makes me a better coach because I can keep better tabs on my athletes.” – Adam Klink (Head Coach)

The accommodating team at Zen Planner has also been encouraging and helpful. Chuck Smith, a co-owner of CrossFit Krypton, has a great appreciation for the dedication to customer service that runs through the veins of the Zen Planner staff. He remarks that any problem he has run across has been taken care of promptly.

“Zen Planner has always been the biggest software provider out there for CrossFit®. The support that we get when we call Zen Planner on the phone has been phenomenal. They answer immediately and they fix the problem immediately.” – Chuck Smith (Co-Owner)

Zen Planner’s exceptional service translates to greater member retention and accessibility. These are only a few of the reasons that they are highly recommended by the CrossFit Krypton staff.

“I would absolutely recommend Zen Planner to any gym looking for software to keep tabs on their gym.” – Adam Klink (Head Coach)

“It’s been really good, so there’s no reason to go anywhere else.” – Chuck Smith (Co-Owner)

“Yeah, I would definitely recommend Zen Planner to other box owners. For sure!” – Ben Smith (Co-owner)

Zen Planner has clearly made a significantly positive impact on the CrossFit Krypton community. Discover these amazing benefits yourself! To find out more, give the Zen Planner team a call at 303-927-0484 (toll-free at 866-541-3570).

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