Interview with The Works Personal Training

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The Works Personal Training

The Works Personal Training

ZP:  Joining us today is owner of arguably one of the best personal training studios in New York City, Jennifer Searles.  Jennifer, thanks for talking with us today, please tell us about your company.

Jennifer: I own The Works Personal Training in the heart of Manhattan and my focus is to help our members succeed with any fitness goal they want to attain. We do this with constant motivation and education. I have about 2,500 square feet of personal training space and its equipped with everything from free weights to cardio equipment.

ZP:  Did you have a lot of challenges in your business before you started using Zen Planner personal trainer software?

Jennifer:  Yes, one of the difficulties I had was keeping member data and prospect data in one place. We also needed help with communicating class schedules with our members and keeping up with billing. It was a lot of work to keep up with all the information. It could be overwhelming at times because it took so much of my time.

ZP: – How did this impact your business?

Jennifer: We would get a lot of calls from people interested in joining, which is great, but we would lose their information because we didn’t have an effective process that could keep track of who called or emailed. I spent a lot my time looking for the data, updating schedules, calling members back about their account or class information. I could have used this time to grow the business, but instead I was spending this time keeping the business going.

ZP: Why did you end up choosing Zen Planner?

Jennifer: They have the best solution for my studio. Zen Planner placed all of my member data into a user-friendly software system where I can easily view it in many different ways. There is so much more I can do with this information – it is such a time-saver. They also provided me with automated billing for my members – making it an easy process for both me and my customers.

ZP:  How effective is Zen Planner at solving your challenge?

Jennifer: Since I started with Zen Planner, most of my time is spent growing the business and working with members in the studio.  I am absolutely delighted that I am not tied to the computer trying to “catch up”. Zen Planner had it all for me and I’m easily saving 25% of my time, allowing me to focus on growing the business. In about nine months with using Zen Planner my gym membership has quadrupled and now I’m working to open another studio.

ZP: Can you tell me what you like best about Zen Planner?

Jennifer: Well, besides the outstanding software system which is a great investment, their customer service is the best of all the vendors I work with on a daily basis. Anytime I have a question, they quickly provide answers for my staff and me. All of my employees have quickly embraced the system and a lot of that has to do with Zen Planner’s customer service.

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