Interview with Michele Kelber – A new client of Zen Planner!

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Coaching the Kids at Kelber Coaching

Coaching the Kids at Kelber Coaching

ZP:  Joining me today is Zen Planner client, Michele Kelber.  Michele, please tell us about your company and how you got started in the business.

Michele:  My name is Michele Kelber, I live in Brooklyn, NY and I own Kelber Coaching. At Kelber Coaching, I run CrossFit Kids programs for multiple affiliates in the New York City area. I also specialize in working with adults achieve their fitness and weight loss goals. After 10 years of being an attorney, I decided it was time to follow my true passion and enter the fitness industry.

ZP:  What were the challenges you were having before you started using Zen Planner’s personal training business software?

Michele:  Before I started using Zen Planner my schedule had way too much of  what I would call “busy work”. I manually kept track of all my client schedules from booking the appointment to keeping track of the changes and having to determine which location they were training at.  On top of that, I manually kept track of all of their fitness programs and had to follow up with clients on monthly payments. It was crazy to keep track of it all on my own.

ZP: – How did this impact your business?

Michele: I was spending about a half day each week on this type of record keeping. I really needed to take back this time to grow the business and do more marketing. I knew that if I wanted my business to grow, I would need to find a solution.

ZP: Why did you end up choosing Zen Planner?

Michele: I used to work at a CrossFit studio that used Zen Planner and all the employees were trained on the platform. Since my former boss really liked Zen Planner and I knew it so well, it seemed like the best fit for me.

ZP:  How effective is Zen Planner at solving your challenge?

Michele: Zen Planner organizes my client schedules, keeps track of their fitness plan and takes care of my automated billing process. Zen Planner has freed up my time to advertise in the community and as a result, my business has grown by 20%. I also have more time to fulfill my dream of starting my own non-profit that will incorporate CrossFit Kids programs in the NYC public school system.

ZP: Can you tell me the solutions that you like best about Zen Planner?

Michele:  Probably the automated billing, the only time I need to follow up on a billing issue is when a credit card expires. This is a huge improvement over my old process. I have a very small business, it’s just me, and it was great to find an affordable option that feed up my time so I can focus on my clients, and growing my business. Zen Planner is “User friendly” and a “great investment.”

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