Your Branded Mobile App – Powered by Zen Planner

The Zen Planner branded app is a mobile platform that simplifies daily gym management tasks, allowing you to have more time with your members.

Your Branded Mobile App – Powered by Zen Planner

The Zen Planner branded app is a mobile platform that simplifies daily gym management tasks, allowing you to have more time with your members.

It’s Zen Planner. Your Way.

Your logo, colors, and energy are front and center – creating an app where every feature feels like a high-five and every booking feels like a personal invite.

  • Stand out in a crowded market

  • Drive brand loyalty

  • Keep members coming back for more

Simplify Your Day-to-Day

Zen Planner simplifies your daily gym management tasks and creates a seamless experience for your members.

  • Schedule and staff management

  • Billing and payment processing

  • Membership and class package builder

  • Skill and belt tracking for martial arts

Elevate Your Member Experience

Zen Planner helps you build strong member connections, increase revenue, and elevate member retention.

  • Branded member app

  • Automated member communications

  • Pre-built retention and reactivation campaigns

  • SugarWOD for programming and member engagement

Fuel Your Growth

Increase the number of new students walking through the door and boost conversion with Zen Planner’s sales and marketing automation tools.

  • Websites & digital marketing

  • CRM with automated sales and marketing campaigns

  • Social media and content powered by AI

  • 2-way SMS and email

Support You Can Trust

Zen Planner simplifies your daily gym management tasks and creates a seamless experience for your members.

  • Free onboarding with a personal onboarding coach

  • Online help center available 24/7 for quick access to technical support

  • Access a library of industry insights and content

  • Exclusive Zen Academy webinars and training

Trusted by gyms like yours

We spent 1 year assessing 19 different systems before settling on Zen Planner. It’s been really effective in making sure all of our schools are on the same page and helped us out massively with our POS and retail. It’s really saved us about 10-12 hours a week per location.Right quote image

Dave Kovar, Kovar Martial Arts and Kovar’s Systems

It keeps us organized behind the scenes so you can spend less time on bills being paid and that kind of thing and focus on coaching that you provide each day for all the athletes that come into your gym... and the support that we get when we call into Zen Planner has been phenomenal. They answer immediately, they fix the problem immediately.Right quote image

Ben Smith, CrossFit Krypton

The thing I really like about Zen Planner is there has always been the desire to make their product better so that it makes my product better. That’s really important to me.Right quote image

Darin Kaiser, CrossFit Kada

I went from paying over $500/month for Mindbody and Wodify to $150/month with Zen Planner and it did everything I wanted and more.... I need to know real-time what my revenue is, if I need to run a report it’s there – the features on that end are really good!Right quote image

Charlie Lima, Boomfit

The idea, the goal was always to bring the best for our students. The best mat. The best software. The best jiu jitsu program. And go in that direction.Right quote image

Bruno Malfacine, Alliance Jiu Jitsu

It’s been absolutely a good return on the investment. We’ve grown 25% with the efforts we’ve done over the last year. That’s huge!Right quote image

Chris Tamer, Brighton CrossFit

I can’t tell you enough how thankful we are for y’all! I just had to tell you this...we have grown by 100 members since switching to ya’ll! Seriously, it’s been the biggest blessing. We went from 6-8 sign-ups a month to 6-8 a week in some weeks!Right quote image

Martha Moore, Legends Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Temple

The amount of ease that Zen Planner brings in terms of daily operations is huge... and the CRM is the missing piece of the puzzle that I’ve always dreamed of...right now we’re adding one student per day every day.Right quote image

Phill Schwartz, 10th Planet Portland

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Frequently Asked Questions

It’s the Zen Planner mobile app experience – but even better! Zen Planner’s branded app is a customizable mobile platform designed for gym owners. It allows you to weave your unique brand into every feature, offering a personalized digital space for your members to manage their gym activities, from class bookings to tracking their fitness journey. 

We will help you through the set up process to ensure your app is up and ready to go for members. The app offers a range of customization options. You can apply your gym’s brand colors, logos, and imagery. Additionally, you can tailor various elements like class schedules, instructor bios, and member communications to reflect your brand’s voice and style.

Yes, members can easily book classes through the app. They can view schedules, book sessions, and even see who else is attending the classes, enhancing the community feel of your gym.

Absolutely. The app is designed with a user-friendly interface, making it easy for members to manage their profiles, track their attendance, and engage with the gym community.

Zen Planner streamlines operations by providing tools for event registrations, billing management, and bookings all in one platform. This helps reduce operational costs and maximizes efficiency, allowing you to focus more on member engagement and retention.

Yes, the app includes features for tracking member engagement, such as workout progress, class attendance, and participation in gym events. This helps you stay connected with your members’ fitness journeys and provide personalized support.

The app creates a personalized and engaging experience for members under your unique brand helping create a sense of community and connection within your gym.

Zen Planner offers comprehensive support for setting up and using the app. This includes online resources, implementation assistance, and training materials to ensure you can fully leverage the app’s features for your gym’s success.

By offering a personalized and branded experience, Zen Planner helps create a deeper sense of community among members. The app’s engaging features and ease of use encourage ongoing member participation and loyalty.

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