Customer Testimonial: United Studios of Self Defense

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Matt Shapiro, the chief instructor of United Studios of Self Defense, has taken great strides to build his school into the best possible version of itself. With Zen Planner, Matt has been able to easily shift focus towards attention to his students.

“I get to see people grow as human beings. I get to see them go through difficult situations and overcome those situations. For me, that’s one of the most rewarding parts of my job.”

The joy that comes from helping students advance and feel more confident in themselves is incomparable in Matt’s eyes. Because of Zen Planner, he is now able to spend more time assisting his students and has a stronger grasp on how they are progressing.

“The problem I was having before I used Zen Planner was that I never really knew where a lot of my students were, material wise. We let a lot of students slip through the cracks because we wouldn’t test them when they were ready.”

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Zen Planner also opened up the possibility of assorted methods of payment. Finance-wise, catering toward students in varying socioeconomic groups helps United Studios sustain their student retention. A larger clientele means more money and recognition for the school. A school’s capability to keep its students is a key component in whether it will thrive or struggle.

“As far as enrollments go, we can split them up instead of having to collect it all upfront. It helps us maintain membership and see where everybody is at, payment wise.”

Matt has found Zen Planner’s ease of accessibility incredibly helpful and efficient. By condensing all material into a single database, the time spent searching for information drastically decreases. This means more studio time and less tedious scrolling.

“Zen Planner saves me a lot of time and a lot of resources. It keeps everything in a central database for us, so I can just go into one profile and look up every single thing that I need to look up. It saves me hours and hours! With Zen Planner, we can just look in the program and know where everyone is.”

United Studios has greatly benefited from the all-encompassing assistance that Zen Planner has provided them.

“Zen Planner helps us with all the aspects – our calendar, our testing, our bills, our retention, our skills. Every which way you can look at it, it helps! Zen Planner is amazing!”

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