Customer Testimonial: Chris Stolzman of The Easton Training Center, Castle Rock, CO.

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Chris Stolzman, former co-owner of Easton Training Center Castle Rock

The MMA school featured in the above testimonial, Easton Training Center of Castle Rock, Colorado, has shown amazing progress since the introduction of Zen Planner. Chris Stolzman, blackbelt and co-owner, remarks on how Zen Planner has allowed him to focus more on the training aspect of his career, rather than on the tackling of tedious paperwork. He and his team strive to be a part of the action, not shackled inside an office.

“The bottom line is that we all want to be training, versus sitting behind a desk trying to weed through 15 different platforms to keep stuff organized.”

Chris appreciates the convenience of Zen Planner and he is able to better budget knowing he won’t be surprised with any additional charges. Zen Planner is known for being reliable, which brings Chris great assurance. He believes that what sets Zen Planner apart from the competition is the overall excellence delivered all around. From Chris’s point of view, Zen Planner works because of the high quality of service delivered, as well as its ability to provide all its services neatly under one monthly fee.

“One of the things that I really like about Zen Planner is that it is a one-stop shop. My experience with a lot of Zen Planner’s competitors was they had the capability to integrate, however, each little integration was going to be an extra subscription fee. With Zen Planner, everything is included.”

Along with expediting office work and being a financially sound investment, Zen Planner has produced remarkable results for the Easton Training Center. Bringing in almost two times the revenue within two years, Chris feels incredibly satisfied with his decision to use the Zen Planner service.

“We have been working with Zen Planner since 2015 and we have almost doubled our revenue.”

Undoubtedly, Chris would recommend Zen Planner to those who want to further the prosperity of their company. He has been more than grateful for the amazing assistance that Zen Planner has provided.

“I would absolutely refer Zen Planner to anyone that I like. It is going to make their business more successful.”

According to Chris, Zen Planner is not only beneficial, but vital to help your business reach its full potential. With the Zen Planner team and tools, you can grow your business to be stronger and more successful.

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