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It has almost been a year since we first shared our product vision to consolidate and simplify our software into convenient, innovative mobile apps and eliminate outdated member-facing interfaces. We’ve been laser focused on building out this new user experience under the Zen Planner platform, and have crossed a major milestone.

To recap, our vision is to combine and absorb each existing Zen Planner product until there is a single web interface and a single app for staff (available on mobile, tablet and desktop), along with a single mobile app for your members.

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To get us there, we’ve added a ton of core functionality to the new apps. In case you haven’t been paying attention, here are some of the highlights:

Both members and staff can (in Staff App and Member App):
  • Add and edit payment information
  • Purchase memberships
  • Pay unpaid bills
  • Add and use account balances

Staff can (in Staff App from phone, tablet and Front Desk on desktop):
  • Sell drop-ins
  • Add new people
  • Browse all people and their profiles
  • Sell retail items
  • Edit individual sessions
  • Clock-in and clock-out hourly employees
  • Access all Staff App functionality from desktop with Front Desk
  • Sell gift cards

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Kiosk Mode:

Staff can access the self-service Kiosk Mode within Staff App. Here, members can:

  • Check-in
  • Pay unpaid bills
  • Sign unsigned documents
  • Purchase retail items

With the strong base we’ve established on the new platform, it’s now time for us to begin merging existing apps into the new tools.

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First on our list is the Kiosk App.

This past quarter, we introduced Kiosk Mode to the existing Zen Planner Staff App. Staff, when running Staff App on any tablet device, are now able to enable Kiosk Mode, and flip the tablet to face members at the front desk (just like they did with the Kiosk iPad App in the past).

Kiosk iPad App had a great ride, but we are extremely excited to deliver an even quicker, easier to use member self-service product. The new version of the Zen Planner Kiosk will include some great enhancements inspired by feedback we’ve gathered for our existing Kiosk iPad App and self-service products, such as:

  • Support for both Android and iOS
  • Updated appearance to be consistent with Member App and Staff App
  • “Faceboard-style” streamlined check-in process (less clicks!)
  • Ability to pay unpaid bills at check-in
  • Ability to enter password to jump to “staff mode” for cash payments

Don’t worry, Kiosk iPad App isn’t going away immediately. We are in the process of phasing out this app, with the goal of sunsetting it in late December. Stay ahead of things and download Staff App on your Android or iOS tablet to start using Kiosk Mode today.

By consolidating our apps, we can continue to improve usability, while shedding old technology. This will continue to enable us to provide you with less to manage, consistent design, world-class stability and a fast and innovative Product Development Team! Have questions about Kiosk Mode? Our Customers Advocates are here to help. Feel free to send your questions to and a member of our team will be in-touch shortly.

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