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We are excited to introduce our newest feature: Kiosk Mode on Staff App; the perfect way to streamline your member’s self-service check-in and retail purchases! We’ve been hard at work consolidating some of our current Kiosk iPad App capabilities and feature requests into one single app, allowing you to manage less and make your member’s front desk experience more enjoyable. Kiosk Mode has many great enhancements inspired by the feedback provided from customers like you.

Support for both Android and iOS

Unlike the Kiosk iPad App, you will be able to use Kiosk Mode on both your Android and iOS devices. Download the Staff App from either Google Play or the App Store to get started!

Cash payments

Offline and cash payments have been two of the most requested features. With Kiosk Mode, you can easily jump back into Staff Mode to process an offline payment.

Single tap check-in

Your current class of the day will automatically be highlighted and selected, allowing your members to simply walk up, find their name and check-in with a single tap.

Ability to pay unpaid bills

If a gym member has an issue with their account (unpaid bills, unsigned documents, etc.), they will see an alert when they try to check-in. Within Kiosk Mode, they can resolve these alerts by:

  • Signing documents
  • Adding credit cards by using our new credit card photo capture feature
  • Paying any outstanding bills, allowing you to be more at ease knowing bills and documents are taken care of!
Streamlined retail checkout

Save time by allowing your members to make retail purchases on their own. On top of our existing member checkout, we’ve also introduced a more streamlined guest option. Regardless of the person’s status in Zen Planner, your prospects, alumni, students and now guests can check out in a breeze without having to remember their password. When they choose “checkout” they can select “Check Out As Guest” to enter in payment information, making retail purchases easier than ever before.

If you need help accessing Kiosk Mode, or have any questions or suggestions for us, please reach out to our Customer Advocate team at or at 866-541-3570, or check out the following resources below:

Interested in learning more about Kiosk Mode and the Zen Planner Software Suite? Schedule your demo with one of our Software Specialists today!

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  1. Scot Anderson October 2, 2017 at 1:35 pm - Reply

    Are you removing the barcode checkin options through the Staff App Kiosk Mode? I’m not seeing this feature in the staff app kiosk mode.

    • Tiffany Houkom October 3, 2017 at 5:41 pm - Reply

      Hi Scot, our team member Erin McMorrow will be reaching out to your shortly to answer this question. Thanks!

  2. Ann Wilken October 29, 2017 at 10:52 am - Reply

    Some of our members regularly use ‘drop in’ and are used to paying at that time. After watching the webinar, my understanding is that they will not be able to check in without a staff person logging into the staff side. Is that right?

    • Tiffany Houkom October 30, 2017 at 5:44 pm - Reply

      Hi Ann,

      The vast majority of feedback we have received for the Kiosk iPad App is that it is too complicated, and workflows are too long. Our data showed very low usage on self-sign up for drop-ins. This led to the discovery that most businesses prefer to have a staff member process the transaction. Because of this, we decided not to include the ability to self-sign up for drop-ins in the initial phase of Kiosk Mode on Staff App.

      However, we regularly challenge and adjust our priorities based on feedback from customers like you, and will continue to improve Kiosk Mode over time. Currently, our recommended process for taking payment for a drop-in is through Staff App via a device at the front desk area (through our Front Desk desktop app or using Staff App on a tablet or phone). If you have any additional questions, our Customer Advocate team is here to help. You can get in touch with them by emailing Thanks!

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