How to Simplify the Check-In Process at Your School

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Tracking attendance is at the foundation of the martial arts business model. It allows you to recognize students for their loyalty and identify when to reward or promote them. Monitoring attendance levels of your classes is like measuring the pulse of the overall health of the business.

Despite its importance, taking attendance often feels like a chore, and as a school grows, it can quickly become unmanageable. This is why Zen Planner focuses on making the check-in process as quick and efficient as possible.

We’ve learned over the years that attendance isn’t a problem that can be solved by a one-size-fits-all solution, so we’ve built different tools to fit the unique needs of different schools. Find out which martial arts software fits your school best!

Welcome Desk

Are you a large school with a lot of students coming through your doors on a daily basis? Do you have an established front desk with a staff member who can check students in? Then Zen Planner’s new Welcome Desk is the attendance tracking solution you’ve been looking for.

As soon as a student walks through your door, your staff member will check them in. This creates a high-class experience for students, as it requires no effort on their part. It’s also extremely beneficial to your staff, as it provides key information about each and every student, including:

  • Rank information, including current belt, amount of time at that belt, attendances at that belt and what is needed for their next rank
  • The number of days since their last attendance, allowing you to pay extra attention to someone who hasn’t been in in a while
  • Any outstanding alerts like unpaid bills or unsigned documents

What about schools that don’t have a dedicated front desk? The Welcome Desk displays nicely on a tablet, and can be held in your instructor’s hands while they’re on the mat.

Welcome desk on Zen Planner

Kiosk Mode

If you’re looking to improve student experience by offering convenient, professional self-service options, Kiosk Mode within our Staff App is an excellent choice. Simply find a convenient location within your school to display your tablet, and allow your students to check-in for class on their own. This solution works best for classes with older children and adults, and does much more than simply tracking attendance. Utilize this innovative app to have students sign up for new agreements, sign important documents and even purchase retail items.

Kiosk Retail Checkout

Web Kiosk

Having a kid-friendly solution for check-in’s can be a challenge to find. Not with our Web Kiosk. This is the quickest, most kid-friendly way to have students of all ages check-in for class. Simply hookup a barcode scanner to a computer or laptop and have students scan their personal barcode to check-in.

Check in on Kiosk mode

Staff App

We’re always looking for new innovations and solutions to make school owners’ lives easier. That’s why we recently launched an exciting new Staff Mobile App, providing instructors with the ability to easily check students in with a single tap on their Android or Apple phone.

Staff App Check In

Tracking attendance is a unique process to every school, and we strive to offer fully customizable solutions to fit the needs of each school. If you’re interested in learning more about how Zen Planner can simplify attendance tracking at your school, schedule a demo with one of our martial arts Software Professionals.

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