New Zen Planner Member App Enhancements Unveiled

crossfit krypton check in

crossfit krypton check in

Zen Planner is excited to announce and summarize new enhancements to the Member App. Like we have mentioned in previous releases, our job is to make your business wildly successful and enhancements like these serve that mission.

Attendance History in the Member App

In March, we announced the first of three major enhancements to the Zen Planner Member App, attendance history. Zen Planner’s new Attendance History feature allows members to view their Attendance History, and for rank-based programs, to view progress towards their next belt or test. This means members can now follow their progress and stick to their attendance goals within the Gym App. Business owners can now engage and motivate their members through improved Attendance History functionality. Attendance patterns play a major role in member retention, and this awareness of Attendance History in the Member App increases member engagement. Business owners can even notify their members of this feature release by using an email template (“Introduce Attendance History in the Member App!”) in their database we created specifically for the Attendance History announcement.

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Family Management in the Member App

More recently, we announced another long-awaited feature release, family management in the Zen Planner Member App. Prior to this family management feature release, each family member would need an email address and a unique user profile to log in. For adults, this may not seem like a big deal, but many of your youth customers don’t have their own email address. With that, the need for a user profile was posting a barrier to entry for families. In addition to creating a unique user profile, users would have to log in and log out of each account when checking in. With this family management release, all users within a family will be linked. There is no longer a need for unique profiles for children, and users can toggle between profiles when checking in.

Curriculum in the Member App

Last week, we announced our newest enhancement to the Member App, curriculum! The ability to create, share and manage a curriculum is our third most common feature request from martial arts school owners. Martial arts school owners know that community is critical to their success, and they are looking for ways to engage with students outside of class.

The curriculum feature addresses one simple, yet important question; “How do I get my students thinking about the school when they aren’t physically here?” Learn more about how these enhancements impact the martial arts community in particular.

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