Develop Your Students with Zen Planner’s New Curriculum Tool

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Martial Arts Curriculum

At Zen Planner, our job is to make your business wildly successful. That pursuit begins by listening to your feature requests and prioritizing innovation around the things you need the most. We are thrilled to announce our latest feature release to enhance the student experience, Curriculum in the Member App

Why Curriculum

The ability to create, share and manage a curriculum is our third most common feature request from martial arts school owners. Martial arts school owners know that community is critical to their success, and they are looking for ways to engage with students outside of class. The curriculum feature addresses one simple, yet important question; “How do I get my students thinking about the school when they aren’t physically here?”

How It Works

There are a couple of prerequisites for accessing curriculum in the Member App:

  • Members must have an active membership in the system
  • Active memberships must contain ranks 

Beyond these prerequisites, your students will be able to view the educational content you upload from your Zen Planner database.

Stay tuned for a video explanation of managing your curriculum in the Member App!

martial arts curriculum

Developing your students through a mobile curriculum is a win-all for your martial arts community. By expanding your reach and expertise, your student experience improves and the health of your business improves.

From motivating your students and keeping them active and engaged in your school, to making it easy for individuals of all ages to become a student, we have documented strategic tactics that will enhance each and every student’s experience at your school.

Download our student retention guide today.

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