Fitness Web Design: How Your Site Represents Your Gym

websites on astro turf

websites on astro turf

Your website is a vital extension of your fitness business. The design, the content you use and how well it loads for your visitors all send a message about you.

  • Is your fitness business legitimate?
  • Are you well established?
  • Are your members friendly?
  • Is your gym, school or fitness studio clean?

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Prospective members visit your site for one reason and one reason only- to learn more about you. What kind of first impression does your website make? Does your site represent your business in a way you can be proud of? These are important questions to ask yourself. To help you evaluate them objectively, we’ll go through some common website concerns.

Poorly Written Content

As we said, your website and its content must answer your prospect members’ questions and intrigue them to find out more. Since you only have a small space but a lot to say, content needs to be well-written and to the point. Poorly written content, lack of important information and outdated copy will make it appear that attention to detail isn’t important to you.

Unorganized Layout

When a layout isn’t intuitive and doesn’t flow well, it’s hard to navigate. This is especially true if you have outdated design. Your fitness business provides exceptional training, make sure the layout of your site doesn’t send a different message to prospective members.

Unattractive Images

With all the great resources available today, there’s no excuse for bad images. You can’t use pixelated or blurry images or old clip art-style images and expect to be taken seriously. They look outdated and can make your business appear unprofessional.

pixelated sunsetCluttered Pages

If your content isn’t easy to skim, it won’t get read. People are too busy to read heavy blocks of text, and they certainly won’t be able to pick out the important points you want to convey. Do what it takes to ensure your content and images are easy on the eyes, or it could be assumed that your business is cluttered and disorganized as well.

Hard-sell or Spammy Messages

No one likes hard-sell messages. They are off-putting and make prospect members assume you only care about getting their money. Since people want to find businesses they can trust, hard-sell, or spammy messages are a quick way to turn people off and lose their business.

busy spammy siteOut-of-Date or Missing Information

Keeping your information up-to-date is critical. Make sure your site has your correct address, phone number and email address (forms are much more effective than simply posting your email address).

Not Being Mobile-Friendly

With more people making searches on smart phones than on desktops, you have to be able to deliver easy-to-read content for mobile devices. If you don’t, it will make your site more difficult to find on Google, and hard to digest on mobile phones.non mobile friendly site

Doesn’t Match Your Target Demographic

You need a site that speaks to your target audience- both in the design and in the language you use. If you don’t have this sort of congruency, your site can send the wrong message to prospective members. Not only that, but you’ll be wasting time and money in advertising if you’re not attracting the right audience.

black belt brian

You can have it all- the cleanest, most well equipped gym with the very best coaching team, but without a website to match, you’re spinning your wheels. If you think your site could be better or want to know your options for when it comes to a redesign, check out our latest checklist, 10 Things Your Fitness Website Must Have!

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