Thinking of Changing Box Management Software?

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check in screen with man bunWe talk to box owners everyday. During these conversations, there are some similar topics that frequently come up. I’m not very happy with my current software provider. There are things I want from the software that my current provider doesn’t offer. My current provider is too expensive and the payment processing fees are inconsistent. While we continue to hear these concerns, we also hear some common hesitations about switching to a new solution. I’m pretty busy running the box and coaching. I don’t want to risk losing any data. I don’t want to have to learn a new system…

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If you’re not happy with your current provider, none of these concerns should prevent you from switching to a new solution that offers what your box really needs. If you’re wondering whether you should make the move to a new solution, be sure to ask these four questions first.

Will my current member data, contract terms and workout results be transferred to the new solution?

At Zen Planner, we look at ourselves as more of a business partner, rather than a software provider. If you’re ready to move to Zen Planner, we’ll make the transition easy by setting you up for training sessions with a member of our Onboarding team experienced in transferring box owners to our solution. Your Onboarding Coach will teach you everything you need to know about our solution, and will help you transfer your member data, contract terms and workout results. Find out how truly easy this entire process is.

I want to transfer my athletes’ credit card information; will I be charged for that?

Zen Planner never charges box owners to import their credit card information. We must note that if you are coming over from another provider, we
have heard that some companies charge to export data and in some cases, simply refuse to export the card cartoon

We’re here to make your life easier and this portion of the transition is no exception. If your current provider is charging an outrageous fee to export information, we have a solution. You can run both systems in parallel and request that your athletes update their payment information within Zen Planner themselves. If you’re worried about some athletes not taking the time to update this information, you can setup tools that will prevent them from checking into class until they’ve entered their information. You can also utilize our email automations to send friendly reminders asking everyone to update their information as soon as possible.

How quickly can I train my staff to use the new system?

At Zen Planner, the simple answer is pretty damn fast. We pride ourselves on offering easy to use software, and having training sessions with an Onboarding Coach make it pretty simple to start using Zen Planner quickly. Each training session is recorded, so you can easily share it with your coaches and gym manager, as well as new hires later on down the road. By recording these sessions, you only need to have one person (preferably yourself or your gym’s manager) attend each session.

We also offer a vast Help Site with step-by-step instructions on how to use various tools and features within our solution. Are more of a visual learner? No problem. We have created several workflow videos that will teach you and your staff members how to better take advantage of Zen Planner’s in-depth features.

Why should I go through the effort of making the switch?

To start, affiliate gyms that transition to Zen Planner from another top box management provider grow their business by 22% within the first six months from member revenue alone. What drives this growth, you might ask? The fact that Zen Planner allows you to:

  1. Automate your box: We know you’re busy, so let us help you find more free time. Zen Planner’s vast array of automations will save you time, allowing you to get back to programming, coaching and building relationships with the amazing athletes in your community.
  2. Report like a boss: We’ve all made bad decisions, but some of the worst decisions you can make are uniformed decisions. If you want to make smarter business decisions, you’re going to need the data to back them up. Our in-depth reports give you necessary visibility into your financials to help you make the decisions required to take your box to the new level.
  3. Trust your solution: Your software needs to work, whether it’s for check-in’s during your 5 am class or at the end of the day when you’re pulling reports. Zen Planner offers dependable and consistent up time and fast load times, so you can trust our solution will work when you need it most.
  4. Reach new athletes: If you want to take your box to the next level, you’re going to need the right tools to attract new athletes. Zen Planner has vital tools to help you add new memberships and properly follow up on inquiries.
  5. Customer service you can count on: Our customers say it best, “I was in a squeeze because of a training session. Josh took it upon himself to take care of my business and let me go run a session.” Our in-house Customer Success team has a satisfaction rating of 98% and many of our team members are level 1 trainers and avid athletes that understand and are passionate about your business.
  6. Represent your box with a best-in-class website:josh kurtzYour website is a representation of you and your business. Our customers don’t have to settle for less than the best because we design and build websites that integrate with our software and include all the features a box needs to get found online. In addition to a homepage, our responsive websites include key pages such as about us, programs, your schedule, contact us, blog, testimonials, an area for athletes to login and forms to drive leads.

Whenever you are ready to make the switch, our team is too. We take a ton of pride in clearly managing expectations and setting each and every box owner up for success, so we always want to make sure it is a good time for you as well.

Thinking of switching box management software providers? Get your copy of our free checklist, 9 Things Your Affiliate Gym Software Must Have to help guide your research.

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