Transition to Zen Planner

Here at Zen Planner we like to think of ourselves as realists. Realistically speaking, you’re busy and we respect you for it. We’ve heard of countless cases of prospective clients who would LOVE to get started with Zen Planner but are hesitant because they are too busy.

That’s why we’ve committed ourselves to an easy transition process that will have you up and running in no time. Check out our five simple steps for improving the fitness of your business by transitioning to Zen Planner:

1. Ask Questions

It’s your business after all, and we have yet to hear a bad question. Listed below are a few FAQ’s, but we welcome your own questions as well!

What can be imported into Zen Planner?

Lots of great information! Listed below are the most common types of imports:

  • People: Prospects, Members, Staff Members, Alumni, 2nd cousins, etc., generate profiles in Zen Planner
  • Memberships: past, current or future, they are assigned to People in your database
  • Attendance records
  • Credit Card/EFT info
  • Workout results

How long will it take to transfer the data over?

We’ll will provide you with format spreadsheets to populate with any data you want to carry over to your Zen Planner database. People imports are quick and easy! The memberships, attendance and credit card/EFT imports take a bit more legwork but don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

Who’s going to help me?

As soon as you sign up, you will be assigned your own Onboarding coach, a Zen Planner master. Your coach will help you transition your business into the new system AND show you some industry best practices along the way. Not only will your Onboarding coach make sure you’re on the right track with formatting your import sheets, they’re also going to help with the architecture of your database.

2. Plan

Once you’ve asked all your major questions, formulating a timeline is next. If you’re stuck or need more help, your Onboarding coach can work with you to develop a realistic timeline on when your import files can be imported.

You also want to communicate with your previous member management software provider. Make sure you are aware of any cutoff dates that would prohibit you from exporting valuable data or running any last minute payments in your old system.

3. Communicate

The more communication you can have during the transition process, the better! Making your members aware of the transition process is key. For example, if you are not importing credit cards, your members will need to manually input their credit card details in Zen Planner. From there, we can help you send out emails to people who have not updated their credit card info (there is a great report for that) and make sure you’re on track with the transition timeline.

Above all make sure that you’re managing your members’ expectations by providing them with dates regarding the switch to your new member management provider.

4. Review

As your data is imported, double check to make sure that the data is correct. For example, once a Membership import is done, make sure that your active student count is correct and that each membership has the correct bill due dates and begin dates.

Help us help you by making sure everything is in order before introducing a new system to your members.

5. Launch!

The icing on the cake! Once you’ve confirmed everything in your database is set and correct, you’re ready to rock and roll. Giving your members access to the Member Connect website is as simple as checking a box.

Now, what are you waiting for? Let’s bring you on to the Zen Planner family! Sign up for a live demo with one of our expert Software Specialists so you can learn more about getting started with Zen Planner (spoiler alert, that’s really easy too).

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