standing desk redHelping small businesses reach their goals is Zen Planner’s main mission. Therefore, it’s vital that member management software be designed with the tools necessary to make this happen. However, far too often business owners are not aware of how to use these tools or they are simply too complicated.

Growing your member base, increasing retention, improving attendance, getting more members on auto-pay and increasing revenue are some of the most common goals I hear when I speak to business owners. In order to meet ANY of these goals you MUST have a software with strong and easy reporting capabilities. As an owner you need insight into how you are doing in these areas of the business, otherwise you will never know where you need to improve and nor will you be able to monitor whether or not you’re making progress towards your goals.

The Zen Planner dashboard was designed to do just this. It is the very first thing you see when you log into your account because it is byfar the most important. The dashboard is complete with pre-built reports that are easy to navigate and provide a snapshot into how all aspects of your business are doing.

dashboard report

To help make your life easier, Zen Planner has created over 110 pre-built reports to help you monitor everything from attendance and memberships to lead tracking and finances. Some of the reports you will see right away are:

  • The number of students on auto-pay
  • Students whose memberships are expiring
  • Students who have been absent for an extended period of time (think retention!)
  • Failed payments
  • Overdue bills
  • And much more!

We realize that even the mere mention of reporting can bring up bad memories, as many member management software providers, such as MINDBODY®, make reporting far more complicated than it needs to be. Reporting is simplified with Zen Planner’s dashboard. Your main reports are presented in an easy to digest manner right when you log in to your database; there’s not need for multiple clicks, refreshes or downloads to see the data you required to run your business.

The best part? These reports are completely customizable, so you can make edits and additions in order to see the data necessary to help you meet the goals of your business. Can’t find a pre-built report to meet you needs? Not a problem; you can create reports from scratch with ease. And unlink MINDBODY®, you can save your custom reports so you can easily access them in the future (such as adding them to your dashboard) versus having to recreate it from scratch every time you need to pull that data.

reporting in zen

And just like the reports, your dashboard is completely customizable as well. You can pick and choose which reports, both custom and pre-built, you would like to see as soon as you log in. This will allow you to always stay on top of the health of your business, even on those days that time is not on your side.

As any successful business owner knows, if it weren’t for the numbers, it would be impossible to know when you’re meeting your goals and when you’re falling behind. And it’s simply impossible to keep track of these metrics without strong reporting that’s easy to use. Zen Planner prides itself in this area and we have seen business take off, grow and increase revenue when properly utilizing their dashboard. So stop dreading the task of reporting, and discover how Zen Planner can bring simplicity and ease to this area of your life.

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