No more waiting in line at check-in

Members don’t like to wait in line to check-in for classes.  We all know that.

Recent customer service studies indicate that people often overestimate the time they stand waiting in line by about 36%.  That means a 5-minute wait feels more like a 7-minute wait, and so on.  Moreover, our mood is actually affected by the amount of time we spend in line, which translates to the level of satisfaction we feel from a particular service. In other words, our instructors and classes can be fantastic, but if students are waiting in line to check-in, they may leave feeling less than satisfied.

But here’s the good news…. With Zen Planner’s fitness management software, your students don’t need to experience a wait at check-in.  You can do away with waiting lines by allowing students to quickly and easily check-in for classes using their mobile devices.

By using the Kiosk Mode on the Staff App, students can log into classes without standing in line. Your staff members can also check them in with the tap of a finger using our Staff App for mobile phones and tablets.

When analyzing gym management software providers, it’s important to ask about the different attendance tracking and check-in capabilities they offer. Download your copy of our helpful checklist, 9 Things Your Gym Management Software Must Have.

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