Free Executive Assistant for Your Gym

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laptop-download-iconDid you ever watch the classic series M*A*S*H? The series about a Mobile Army Surgical Hospital lasted for decades. I think I’ve seen every episode several times. In the show, there is Corporal Radar O’Reilly. He is called Radar because he knows what Colonel Potter wants and needs before he himself does. There are many, many scenes where Colonel Potter is ordering him to do something and Radar is talking at the same time in a quiet voice about how he has arranged for each specific thing, and then some.

screens-with-iconsThe Zen Planner task list is your Radar O’Reilly. It will tell you who owes you money at any given time, what memberships are about to expire so you can proactively prevent that…anyone who you need to follow up with can be in your task list automatically. You can also create tasks manually so you don’t forget and assign them to yourself or other staff members for follow up. It’s much better than writing on your hand or sticking post-it notes everywhere. We use Zen Planner to sell Zen Planner because it is a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) tool and we drive our entire day out of the task list. So if you are looking for a free secretary or your very own Radar O’Reilly to keep you organized, paid, communicative, and on-task, make use of your task list to wow your customers with your attention and make sure your bank account doesn’t miss a payment. We can show you how to do that with our gym management software and more.

Does your gym software act as your own personal assistant? Get your free copy of our checklist, 9 Things Your Gym Management Software Must Have to help you select the perfect software for your gym.

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