Growing a Fitness Business

Defining Shared Services at Zen Planner

“Shared Services” through the comprehensive Zen Planner Suite means choosing to centralize important functions of your fitness business. The fundamental shared services at Zen Planner are Websites and Digital Marketing and Full Service Billing. By leveraging these shared services, fitness business owners are able to save time and ultimately increase revenue.

These results increase the likelihood of a fitness business growing and scaling to its potential. Let’s take a closer look at these two pillars of shared services at Zen Planner.

What You Get with Websites and Digital Marketing

When you’re growing a fitness business, your website should do more than just provide general information. Your website should be optimized to drive leads and should be accompanied by a data-driven digital marketing strategy. An effective website and digital marketing strategy will amplify your brand and drive more leads.

There’s a lot more to Zen Planner websites than just the “design” you’re seeing. Our sites are laid out in a very specific way because we know from looking at the analytics of over 500 other fitness websites that this layout gets us the best conversion possible. When many clients come to Zen Planner, they experience as much as a 20% increase in conversion. That’s due to our strategic site layouts. Other designs may look good, but there is no data or analytics backing up that design.

Marissa Blake, Account Executive – Websites and Digital Marketing

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Your website and digital marketing strategy should include some core elements in order to be fully optimized.

Directory Listings

Zen Planner manages your Google My Business listing and dozens of others directories to drive more traffic to your site.

Search Engine Optimization

Zen Planner enables you to increase your visibility in search engines to drive quality traffic, and ultimately, more conversions to your website.


Zen Planner builds responsive sites, so regardless of whether visitors arrive on a phone, tablet or desktop, they will have the best possible experience.

Managed Ad Campaigns

Zen Planner creates managed Facebook and Google ads campaign that are hyper-targeted to your audience and location.

Industry-Leading Support

Zen Planner’s in-house Customer Success team simplifies the creation and launch of your site, and is available to make any necessary updates.

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What You Get with Full Service Billing

One of the hardest aspects of owning a fitness business is managing complicated contract and payment issues. It can take hours out of your day and can be a tricky subject to tackle when trying to maintain strong connections with your members. Full Service Billing helps fitness business owners save time, increase revenue and maintain positive relationships with their members.

Backed by over 30 years of experience, our Full Service Billing team is recovering 69% of missed payments on average. The most popular reason fitness business owners are buying Full Service Billing is to save time. Fitness business owners can save an average of $2,340 per year on labor costs alone.

Ryan Murray, Account Executive – Full Service Billing

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With your Full Service Billing provider handling the sometimes-messy problems of payment processing and customer service, you save countless hours each week. You and your team will no longer need to get lost in the weeds of contracts and member payment issues, giving you more time to focus on community engagement and revenue-generating activities.

Reaching your definition of scale and success is a massive challenge and accomplishment. By taking advantage of shared services, you can accelerate your progress and truly build the fitness business of your dreams.

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