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Websites and Digital Marketing

Fitness business websites should do more than just showcase your brand and provide general information. Your website should be optimized to drive leads and should be accompanied by a data-driven digital marketing strategy. At Zen Planner, we get many questions about website design and digital marketing. Many fitness business owners understand their website needs to do more, but they aren’t quite sure how to get there. To provide more clarity, we sat down with Marissa Blake, Zen Planner’s Websites and Digital Marketing Account Executive, to answer her most frequently asked questions.

There’s a lot more to Zen Planner websites than just the “design” you’re seeing. Our sites are laid out in a very specific way because we know from looking at the analytics of over 500 other fitness websites that this layout gets us the best conversion possible. When many clients come to Zen Planner, they experience as much as a 20% increase in conversion. That’s due to our strategic site layouts. Other designs may look good, but there is no data or analytics backing up that design.

– Marissa Blake, Account Executive – Websites and Digital Marketing

How do I generate more leads through my website?

The main goal of a website from a business owner’s perspective is to entice and educate traffic about their offerings enough to convert them into a lead.  By having lead capture forms and calls to action (CTAs) layered throughout your web pages, you optimize the chance of turning a visitor into a prospect.  Simply having a beautifully designed website will not benefit you and your business if you are not paying attention to the conversion statistics of the site.

How do I separate my business ads from my competitors’ ads on social media?

To run successful social media and Google ads, you need to be running numerous ads at once.  Having multiple offers and promotions target a broader audience will allow you to capture more leads.  The offers that you are willing to promote will be the most enticing piece that will engage your audience. You need to set yourself apart from your competition.  For example, a martial arts school who is running an “Anti-Bullying Campaign” is likely going to outshine their three competitors down the street who are all offering “Free Trial Classes.” Zen Planner has pulled data from many ads. Therefore, we have suggestions on what types of ads will set you apart and be the most cost-effective.

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How much money per month should I be allocating towards my ads to see a return?

From looking at analytics from over 500 fitness businesses, the minimum you should be allocating towards a single ad should be $100-$150.  The more flexible your ad spend budget, the more leads you are going to bring in, increasing your chances of member conversion.  With Zen Planner’s ads, we target specific demographics based on the type of clientele our clients are wanting to bring into their businesses.  These prospects are high quality and extremely targeted, producing an average of 12-15 prospects per ad with an average conversion rate of 40%. In the Annual Benchmark Reports, we learn the most profitable boutique fitness businesses and yoga studios value digital marketing and it pays off!

Lead-optimized websites and digital marketing are powerful tools for any fitness business. Download our complete Gym Website Checklist today.

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