Full Service Billing for Fitness Businesses: FAQs

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Full Service Billing FAQ

Full Service Billing FAQ

Full Service Billing helps fitness business owners save time, increase revenue and maintain positive relationships with their members. Since launching Full Service Billing at Zen Planner, we’ve noticed several frequently asked questions. We sat down with Full Service Billing expert Ryan Murray to answer these questions.

How much does Full Service Billing cost?

The cost is determined by your active member count. It is not a percentage of recovered revenue, like other companies who take massive chunks of your income. We want to provide coverage for all members, not just the ones that owe money.

Can I customize my Full Service Billing strategy?

Yes! This service is going to be set up exactly how you want it. With Full Service Billing, you can customize your contracts, policies and procedures. Furthermore, you can have one dedicated rep to help build relationships and trust with the members. There will be weekly touchpoints to make sure everything is running smoothly and your Full Service Billing team will leave notes.

What kind of return does Full Service Billing Provide?

There is a lot of variability from one business to the next with particular factors like member count, staffing, location, payment forms etc. But on average our fitness full service billing customers see an ROI of 5.19x.

Does Full Service Billing really work?

It does. Backed by over 30 years of experience, our Full Service Billing team is recovering 69% of missed payments on average. The most popular reason fitness business owners are buying Full Service Billing is to save time. Fitness business owners can save an average of $2,340 per year on labor costs alone.

The overarching theme here is time. Full Service Billing not only helps you increase revenue, it saves you a ton of time.

What’s your time worth?

Maximize your Full Service Billing experience. Download our guide today.

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