Best Technology Set Up for Advanced Workout Tracking

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Tracking wods with dual monitors

Zen Planner’s Advanced Workout Tracking is flexible and works across multiple devices. With all the different devices out there, you can set up technology in such a way that you give your members a memorable and professional experience. If you’re just starting to set up Workout Tracking or looking for the best way to make use of your existing technology with Zen Planner’s Advanced Workout Tracking, this blog will help you choose the right setup.

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First, let’s cover the member-facing tools that Zen Planner offers, and what each provides:

  • Faceboard – The Faceboard allows you to track attendance. The Faceboard lets you see pictures of anyone who has reserved a spot in class and who has been checked in. You also have the ability to check additional people into the class. The Faceboard provides powerful workout tracking tools, enabling members to see historical performance of any workout or movement they are performing today, log results for today’s workout and access a weightlifting percent calculator.
  • Workout Display – The Workout Display shows all workouts that are active for today. General announcements can also be shown on the page. A workout timer can be accessed, supporting rounds, countdowns, etc.
  • Staff AppKiosk Mode in the Staff App provides the ability to check members in, along with signing up new people and selling retail items.
  • Web Kiosk – The Web Kiosk is quite simple – it supports check in and can be displayed through a browser.
Option 1: Single Monitor DisplayWOD Tracking with One Monitor

Suggested for gyms who want:
Leaderboard: Digital
Show Today’s Workout: Physical Whiteboard
Results logged by: Members
Check In performed by: Members

This setup is suggested if:
You still like writing the workout on your whiteboard, but you also see the value in taking your leaderboard digital. Your members are tech-savvy enough to be able to pull up their own stats so they know how they modified the same workout the last time they did it. This setup lets your coaches concentrate on other things besides helping each person find 70% of their 1 Rep Max before the workout. Another benefit of this set-up is that it helps build community, with your members seeing other people’s pictures on the big screen and browsing the leaderboard to see how they’re stacking up.

What you need to know:
If you have one screen in the gym (such as a projector, big screen TV, or a computer monitor), we recommend displaying the Faceboard. You’ll want to have a computer or laptop that the monitor can be hooked up to, so that you can launch a web browser to show on the screen. If you’re using a laptop, we suggest setting up the monitor as an “additional display” on your laptop’s settings (not mirrored), for the best experience. Once the web browser is on the screen, you’ll want to launch the Faceboard, and close the Studio application, so that members can’t access any sensitive business information. You’ll also want to have a keyboard and mouse available. Many customers have had success using Bluetooth keyboards and a mouse in this scenario. The only real difference between this and the “Dual Monitor” option below is that you’ll be writing the workout on the whiteboard instead of showing it on the second monitor.

WOD Tracking with a TabletOption 2: iPad or Other Tablet Device

Suggested for gyms who want:
Leaderboard: Physical Whiteboard
Show Today’s Workout: Physical Whiteboard
Results logged by: Coaches Only
Check In performed by: Coaches [clearfix]

This setup could be for you if:
If you like writing your workout on a whiteboard, this setup is for you. You don’t want members focused on where they finish on the leaderboard and you’d like to limit anything that could be a distraction from the workout. You think it is more professional for your coaches to shoulder the burden of checking people into classes and logging workout results (and you guarantee 100% compliance by doing so). Instead of members staring at a screen, you want to arm your coaches with historical performance of each member and quick access to a percentage calculator, equipping them to be the best coaches they can be.

What you need to know:
An iPad or other tablet device is also a great place to display the Faceboard, which is designed to be responsive and will fit nicely onto tablet-sized screens. Just like the single monitor display, you’ll want to launch the Faceboard in a browser window. Bookmarking the Faceboard and saving the bookmark to your iPad’s home page makes accessing the Faceboard quick and easy.

WOD Tracking with dual monitorsOption 3: Dual Monitor Display

Suggested for gyms who want:
Leaderboard: Digital
Show Today’s Workout: Digital
Results logged by: Members
Check In performed by: Members [clearfix]

This setup could be for you if:
You think it is more professional to show off your technology and you’re ready to go 100% digital. Your members are tech savvy and are most engaged by viewing their workout digitally. And they want everything at their fingertips. Your coaches and members see your technology as an impressive new toy. They believe the old whiteboard is too old school and have moved to another level.

What you need to know:
If you have two big screens in the gym hooked up to a computer (you could be switching from a competitor who offers this particular setup), you’re ready to plug in and go. All you need to do is launch the Workout Display on your left screen and the Faceboard on your right screen. If you’re looking to purchase this particular setup, the approach is pretty simple. Similar to the single monitor setup above, you’ll need a computer for the monitors to connect to. In this case, you’ll want to make sure the computer has inputs that can support two monitors. Once they’re hooked in, set the computer’s display settings to “not mirrored” so you can show different browser windows on each screen. Make sure the mouse and keyboard are in a good position for members to use them, while still easily viewing the screens. Like I mentioned previously, Bluetooth keyboards and a mouse are a good option here.

Front Desk Area Considerations

If you have a dedicated front desk area, you should consider showing the Staff App or web kiosk up front, and one of the setups suggested above in the gym area. Many Zen Planner gyms have had success with this approach, making check-in and sign-up activities happen only in the front desk area, while the technology on the gym floor is solely for tracking workouts.

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  1. Fabien February 8, 2017 at 6:06 pm - Reply

    hey there, I have a question .. is there an option where members can log workouts outside of the gym. I have several members who want to log addtional workouts which werent programmed .. is this an option.

    • Tiffany Houkom February 9, 2017 at 5:17 pm - Reply

      Hi Fabien! Members have the ability to log a custom result within the Member App. I’ve passed your question along to our Customer Success team, so someone will be reaching out shortly with more details.

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