We launched our new Advanced Workout Tracking last month and hundreds of our customers activated this feature to track workouts. Just in case you haven’t activated it yet, we compiled our top ten list of reasons why you really should activate Zen Planner Premium Workout Tracking.

2014 workout tracking screenshot

10. You can use the equipment you already have (no expensive hardware required!)
9. It’s easy to access it with your mobile device, iPad, or computer.
8. It’s a lot of fun to program your customizable workouts.
7. Unlike on the whiteboard, results will never be erased (that’s a good thing, right?)
6. You can see a historical record of your athletes’ results in one place.
5. It keeps your members engaged (Leaderboard anyone?)
4. Lets your coaches benchmark where everyone in the class is in terms of fitness or the last WOD.
3. Your members will love being able to look back and see the progress they’ve made over time.
2. Soon you’ll be able to auto-post workouts on Facebook (and let your members brag about their achievements)
1. It’s free! (Yes, we said FREE!)

To get started today, just email our support team at support@zenplanner.com with the subject line of “Activate Premium Workout Tracking”. Make sure to include the name of your gym in the email. Or you can call support at 866- 541-3570. Activate Premium Workout tracking today!

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