Sphinx CrossFit Website Redesign Story

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“Our new website from Zen Planner saved our business. A few months ago, I was nervous we wouldn’t make it to summer. Since we launched the new website, we’ve seen a huge spike in calls and emails from prospective members. Now, I am certain we’ll be making money by summer.” – Conrad Long, owner of Sphinx CrossFit


Sphinx CrossFit opened close to two years ago in Fort Meyers, FL with the goal of improving lives in their community. Whether you’re a grandparent, competitive athlete or just looking to live a healthier life, they offer the programming and support system to make your life better.

When they first opened, owner Conrad Long says they had several ideas on what they wanted their website to be. A year and half in, things changed, they gained new learnings and priorities for the website began to shift.

Why a New Website?

Conrad claims that even though the site had only been live for a year and half, it was already extremely outdated. The site was very informational, containing numerous pages of content, rather than focusing on converting prospective members.

sphinx crossfit old site

Each item in the navigation contained several links in the drop-down, making it difficult for users to know where to click and how to convert

The gym was at a point where it wasn’t making money, and Conrad was looking for ways they could cut costs in order to keep the doors open. “We analyzed every dollar we spent,” says Conrad. “Getting a new website was a gamble, but we knew we needed something that would help drive more prospective members into our gym.”

Why Zen Planner’s Integrated Websites?

Conrad made the decision to invest in a Zen Planner Integrated Website. “Syncing our website and member management software was the ultimate reason for this decision. We knew there was functionality we just couldn’t get through a third party,” says Conrad. The unlocked potential of combining a lead generating website with the powerful tools they already had access to in Zen Planner simply made sense.

Zen Planner’s Customer Success team also weighed in on Conrad’s decision. “Whenever I’ve needed something or have had questions, they’ve helped me right away,” says Conrad. “The Customer Service team absolutely made the difference.”

Benefits of the New Website

“With the one-year commitment, knowing we would be spending money on this every month definitely made this a risk. However, it ended up being a risk that’s paid off greatly,” says Conrad. With the new Integrated Website, Sphinx CrossFit has experienced:

1. A Huge Spike in Leads: Since launching the new website, Conrad states they’ve received more emails and phone calls from prospective members than ever before. The new website is targeted towards selling memberships. “We have two main calls-to-action on the site: a free trial and request more information,” says Conrad. “A lot of people aren’t ready to commit to a free class; they’re interested in simply learning more about what we offer. Both of these options are currently driving new people into the gym.”

crossfit sphinx new website2. Less Stress: Not having to stress about website updates has been a huge win for Conrad. “Anytime I email the Customer Success team, my updates are made a couple days later. I no longer have to stress about this,” says Conrad. “It was a nightmare making changes with our old developer. I wouldn’t hear back for weeks and would have to follow up numerous times just to make a small change.” Like many small business owners, time is a valuable resource for Conrad. “I could spend 16 hours at the gym and still not have enough time in the day. I can’t tell you how valuable it is knowing that every change I request will be made.”

3. Increased Cash Flow: Conrad says, “I never realized how difficult it would be to get people in the doors. We have amazing coaches, great programming and an incredible community. Once we get people in the door, selling them is the easy.” says Conrad.

“Our new website from Zen Planner saved our business,” says Conrad. “A few months ago, I was nervous we wouldn’t make it to summer. Since we launched the new website, we’ve seen a huge spike in calls and emails from prospective members. Now, I am certain we’ll be making money by summer.”

Your website is your greatest marketing tool – make sure it’s helping your gym grow rather than holding it back. Discover the 10 key components your website must have in our checklist below!

gym website checklist

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