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There’s nothing more frustrating than getting a new fun toy, software or device and not knowing how to use it. Whether it’s the latest cell phone or a confusing application, at some point in our lives, we’ve all experienced the frustration of not being able to use something to its full potential.

At Zen Planner, we pride ourselves on offering fitness businesses user-friendly member management software. From our amazing Onboarding Coaches that help new customers learn the ins and outs of our solution, to our Support site that contains in-depth help documents on just about every feature, to our wonderful Customer Advocate team available by phone and email to help our customers troubleshoot any issues they may experience, we’re dedicated to helping our customers use Zen Planner to its full potential. When our customers take advantage of all available automations offered, they’ll end up with more time they can spend building relationships with their members, rather than sitting in the back office.

Need a refresher on how to use a specific feature within Zen Planner? Or do you need to train a new hire how to use the solution? No problem, we’re here to help! Our Customer Advocate team has created a helpful video playlist covering common workflows in Zen Planner. In this playlist, you’ll find videos on:

  • How to add a person
  • How to add a new member to your database
  • How to add a membership to an existing person
  • How to view someone’s membership
  • The difference between drop and delete
  • How to make a payment
  • How to add a drop in
  • How to take attendance

Is there an additional video you’d like to see in this playlist? Send your recommendation to If you feel like you would benefit from a more intensive learning session, feel free to schedule an Onboarding session with one of our coaches. You can easily schedule a session by logging into your Zen Planner account and selecting Setup > choose View the Onboarding Calendar on the main page > Make an Appointment > choose the data and time that work best for you.

To your success!

The Zen Planner Team