Zen Planner Releases Positive Balance, Time Clock, Real-Time Check-In and More

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Over the past several months, our Product and Development Teams have been busy evaluating and providing solutions for the most popular requested features. We are proud to introduce several new features that will have a lasting impact on your business and assist both your members and staff members to focus on their goals rather than logistics.

Without further ado, here are the top-requested features that are now available in within the Zen Planner Suite.

Time Clock

Staff members can now clock in and out of their shifts within Zen Planner! No need to manually calculate hours worked or pay for another service to allow clocking in and out. Do it all in your Zen Planner Database. This is ideal for staff members who are paid hourly – regardless of their role.

To start using time time clock, check out this helpful step-by-step article.

Positive Balance

Presenting the ability to hold an account balance on a member’s profile is a precursor to… You guessed it, gift cards! As our team works through the logistics of providing consistent and reliable gift card capabilities, you can begin using positive balance today.

When might you use positive balance, you ask? Here is the most common example: a member wants to buy a $4 recover drink but hands you a $20. Instead of making change on the spot, you can instead apply the remaining $16 to that person’s account. The member can then use that balance to pay for items over time. Account balances can be applied in the Staff App and Studio, and can be used on the Staff App, Studio and Member App.
To start using positive balance today, check out the following resources:

Real-Time Check-In

Check-ins and reservations now update in real-time within the Staff App on tablets without needing to refresh your screen – no matter what device someone is checking in on! Gone are the days of manually refreshing your screen for the most updated attendance list. Stay tuned to see this feature appear in other Zen Planner portals! See this feature in action below.

Credit Card Capture

Tired of manually typing in credit card numbers for payments? Now you don’t have to! On the payment screen within the Staff App, simply tap the camera icon next to the Credit Number entry field and take a picture of the card. The image will populate payment credentials in the fields for you. In the event that the camera is unable to pick up portions of the credit card credentials, simply type in the remaining digits and process the payment.

Payments in the Member App

Members can now enter in their EFT and credit card payment information within the Member App! No need to rely on Member Connect or staff-facing portals for this capability. Pair this with past-due payment automations to watch your past due bills disappear and your revenue grow.

As you can see, we’ve been busy, and we have only just begun. The best places to find information on new features is by bookmarking our New Features page and always reading the orange banner in your database (see below).

We categorize each and every feature request we receive. It’s important that you always communicate why the feature you’re requesting is important; this increases the likelihood of it being developed. If you have any feature requests, suggestions or questions, please reach out to our team at help@zenplanner.com or at 866-541-3570.

Did you know customers experience 20% annual revenue growth when you use the complete Zen Planner Suite? Schedule your demo today!

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