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These days it seems like everyone is pitching the perfect solution to help you grow your affiliate gym. While there will always be new strategies and tactics to try out, the most efficient member acquisition strategies start with the prospecting tools in your box management solution. Did you know that some of the top box management solutions in the industry don’t even have basic prospecting tools? Don’t be fooled by a fancy setup and make sure your software has these four straightforward tools you need if you want to grow your affiliate gym this year. And don’t worry, Zen Planner has them all.

Automated Tasks and Reminders

Most solutions in the industry offer an embedded form for your website that will simply send a “thank you” email to anyone who fills it out. You need far more than a “thanks for contacting us” auto-response when a prospect reaches out to your box in order to convert that person into a paying member.

Immediacy is key when a prospect reaches out to your business. Want to ensure an actual person gets in contact with someone who has filled out your form? Your software should be configured to send an automated email, task or text message to the staff member of your choice when someone fills out your prospect form in addition to that “thank you” email. This ensures that your prospect receives a personal touch from your team and not just an automated email response.

Haven’t heard from a lead since their intro class? Tasks are a great way to help you and your coaches keep track of when to follow up with a specific prospect. Set up task reminders within your management system based on when a prospect enters your sales cycle or attends their first introduction class. You should be able to customize the tasks based on your own process.

Automated Prospect Email Nurtures

It’s not always possible to get a new lead on the phone immediately, but it’s still important to keep these hard-to-reach prospects engaged. Make sure you have a box management system that will allow you to develop a fully customizable prospect email nurture campaign.

As an example, prospect emails within our solution can be customized with your own content, then configured to send at timing intervals you prefer. We make sure business owners have access to this kind of customization because we know that prospects that receive the right information at the right time during their decision process, will be more likely to buy. In fact, businesses that automate lead management and communication see a 10% or greater increase in revenue. If the prospect is shopping around, or is just busy, this is an easy way for your box to stay at the front of their mind and ahead of the competition!

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Prospect Conversion Tracking

When working to acquire new athletes, it is crucial to have insight into where people might be getting hung up in your sales cycle on their way to becoming a member. In order to have an acquisition strategy (using automated tasks, reminders and emails) that you can optimize, test and refine, you need tools that visually display this cycle.

Your management system should give you the ability to customize prospect status labels to fit your sales funnel, and visually monitor your success rate at each step. As an example, our visual prospect funnel graph even shows the percentage of successful conversions at each stage.

Assign Leads and Members to Coaches

Generating and converting new leads is very important if you’re looking to grow your box; however, most gym owners know that the key to maintaining a healthy member count is retaining the members you already have. An effective way to keep members coming back is to check in with them periodically. This can be achieved through a one-on-one session or a “how are you doing?” text message. If your member count is above 20 athletes, this quickly becomes an unmanageable task for one person.

An efficient way to tackle this problem is for coaches to divide up the member base into subsets that they are responsible for building a relationship with and retaining. You will want to ensure your box management software allows you to associate a particular member of your staff with an athlete. Then, when you automate your member retention tasks and reminders to set up a one-on-one session or quick text message they go directly to the coach assigned to that athlete.

If your solution is powerful enough it will allow you to assign leads and to specific staff members. With this set up, all your automated tasks and reminders set up for prospect acquisition will be sent to the associated coach and customized with the prospect’s information.

While there are very few “get rich and grow your box quickly” formulas that actually work, growth is possible when you have the right box management solution helping you each step of the way. With the proper tools at your disposal, growing your box can actually become a less daunting task.

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