How Zen Planner’s Integrated Websites Will Make Your Life Easier

core progression site

core progression site

Before entering the world of website design, I owned a coaching business. After several years of trial and error, I developed systems to manage the different parts of my business. I used Google Drive to track and share my clients’ workouts and training plans. I used Excel spreadsheets to manage my finances. And I had a friend (“a web guy”) to help me with my website.

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These systems worked well individually. But when you’re running a business, opening five different applications to get through a few items on a to-do list eats into your day more than it should.

Maybe you’re in a similar situation? You have great systems to help you run your business. A friend helps you with your website. You have a weekly date with yourself to comb through your receipts and track your finances. You habitually search through your inbox to find potential members who’ve reached out to you.

And perhaps that works. But what if there was a way to make your life easier?

How? Well first, full disclosure. I work on the Zen Planner website team which might make me biased on what I’m about to say. But I’ve also run a business where I needed to do a lot of the same tasks as you. And I know what would’ve made things easier for me.

With the goal of making your life easier, today I’m sharing a little bit about how an Integrated Website can help you and your business.

Greater Efficiency

Integrating the Zen Planner software with your website increases the efficiency in how you run your business.

Rather than having one place for your client management. Another place for your financial tracking. Another place for your workout tracking or class schedules. And yet another place for your website. An Integrated Website pulls all these things under one umbrella. Rather than opening nine different tabs on your computer to manage your business, you go to one place. Your Zen Planner database.

An Integrated Website is set up so that when you make a change to your class schedule from within your database, it automatically updates on your website. Same thing with membership options. Or let’s say a prospective member goes on your website and submits their contact information. That contact information is sent to your Zen Planner database and you get notified. How cool is that?

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Pulling your member management and website into a single entity is like closing all those extra tabs on your computer. This frees up time and energy for you to focus on your clients and their goals.

Less Technology

One of the most frustrating things I encountered while managing my coaching website was updating the content. I’d log in with the intent to add a photo or a service, but it had been a little while since the last change. So I had to reteach myself how to make the updates. I’d add a photo but it was gigantic. Or I wanted certain text to be a certain color and it just. Would. Not. Change! And then I’d discover that some plugin needed updating. I’d try to update it, and the whole site would go down.

It got to the point where I was nervous to make any changes to my website. So then I’d try to contact my friend who helped me set my site. But he was super slammed with work and couldn’t help me for another two weeks.

Rather than a helpful tool for my business, my website became a source of frustration.

When you sign up for a Zen Planner, you immediately get an entire website team in your corner. We’re your go-to when you need to make an update.

Maybe you have some amazing photos that you want to upload on to your site, but you don’t have the time or the expertise to do so. We can help. Or you decide to add a new program to what you offer, we can add that too. You don’t have to worry about updating a plugin and accidentally bringing down your whole website (and then hoping you can find someone to fix it). We make sure your site is secure and up to date.

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You don’t need to spend your time trying to figure out how to read code just so you can add a new staff member to your About Us page. All that is in our hands.

Call-to-Action Control

Zen Planner websites are built with a primary goal in mind: increase conversions for your business.

With an Integrated Website, you have the power over your primary call-to-action.

Do you want to drive potential members to contact you? We build your website to funnel visitors toward either your request info form or our recently released lead capture widget.

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Perhaps you want visitors on your website to sign up for a free trial? We can integrate that as well. You select the classes that are eligible for your free trial, and we include that information on your website.

Maybe you want to make it easy for people to buy a membership from your website. In this case, we’ll direct your website visitors to a sign-up page of your membership options. Again, you are in control of what people can see on this page (or if you want to display your membership options on your website at all).

As your business changes and evolves over time, your calls-to-action may also change. No problem! This funnel you take prospective or current members through within your website can be updated to suit your business model. If a current call-to-action isn’t working, you can change it.

Make your life a little easier. Close out a few of those tabs on your computer. Decrease some technology frustration. Use your website to drive conversions. And get back to helping people lead healthier lives.

Thinking about updating your website? Get your copy of our free checklist, 10 Things Your Fitness Business Website Must Have.

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