Success Tips for Running an Affiliate Gym

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Crossfit Turbine

 from Stefan Cox, Owner of CrossFit Turbine

Crossfit Turbine

When you examine a successful business, more often than not, you will come across a business owner who, from the very beginning, created a clear vision and plan that positioned the company on a profitable course. That’s exactly what we found when we spoke to Stefan Cox, owner of CrossFit Turbine in Carol Stream, IL, located just west of Chicago.

Stefan, who has always had an entrepreneurial mind and drive to work for himself, established a company mission to improve the health, fitness and happiness of the world, one member at a time. At CrossFit Turbine, they focus on providing each member with personal attention and encouragement. Stefan and his team strive to constantly improve their coaching skills and provide their members with the best fitness facility possible.

Here are a few specific success tips Stefan shared with us.

Make the decision to open your business with affiliate gym management software: Stefan’s business plan prior to opening the gym doors was clear. He and his partners wanted to set up an operation that was efficient and systemized, providing the highest probability of a profitable return. But to achieve this, they needed software that could manage the administrative part of his business so he could spend more time providing the best service possible to his members. “We were looking for software that would help our clients reserve class time, allow us to see which classes were most attended, process billing and help us manage the retail side of the business,” said Cox. “The earlier you can do this, the more time you can spend on your membership.”

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Research all affiliate gym management software options: Stefan suggests fitness business owners looking for fitness software research all options. He did just that and found one that he felt would be best to partner with. “For us, Zen Planner was a great fit,” said Cox. “I encourage fitness gym owners to interview all of the software competitors and chances are you will be more impressed with Zen Planner than any other. Their product is the best, hands down.” Cox explained that Zen Planner helped free up 50% of his time so he could focus on his members and building a community within his gym. This community, he says, helps promote and market his gym.

Make sure your affiliate gym management software can manage your retail store: Having healthy snacks and gear that our customers can purchase has been a great addition to our business. Cox added, “We also have a retail component where we sell supplements, recovery drinks and t-shirts. Zen Planner is a big part of the solution for this side of our business. Click a button and it generates reports for accountants. It’s easy to read what is sold, unsold, taxes, all of it. We were looking for a way to systemize everything and we found that solution by partnering with Zen Planner.”

CrossFit Turbine is clearly writing their success story with each member they serve. The vision set by Stefan and his partners helped build a business environment and plan that enables them to live up to their bold mission, and it seems be to be working.

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