Big Updates to Email Marketing Feature

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This past week we released a behind the scenes update with a big impact on how our customers market their businesses. Zen Planner is now capable of displaying the status for all email messages sent through our software! By navigating to the “Email History” section of your setup menu, you will be able to see the result of any emails that pass through Zen Planner – bill reminders, newsletters, promotional messages – all in one place.

What does this mean for you?

• You can now visit the email history page and see the result of any message you’ve sent in the past 2 weeks. Was it successfully delivered? Who opened it? Did it result in an unsubscribe?
• The sort function we added allows you to find messages that were not received or opened, quickly and easily.
• Better visibility into the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns. Seeing how many customers open your messages will help shape the content you create.
• Finding out of date or misspelled email addresses is super simple.

This was one of our most-requested features among Zen Planner users and the feedback we’ve received so far has been great. We look forward to delivering many more enhancements, so stay tuned!

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