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ZP-WOT-faceboardIt has been an exciting couple of weeks for us at Zen Planner. Last Wednesday we announced the launch of our redesigned user interface, and this week we unveiled our comprehensive Workout Tracking. With Zen Planner’s Workout Tracking you can engage your gym members with a visual display of the gym’s attendees, the day’s workout, historical performance and leaderboards.

Our Workout Tracking is also super easy to navigate and allows users to define every category and workout name with just a few clicks. Because of this, it’s literally like writing on a white board with no pre-labeled boxes to confine you. Which is good because nobody enjoys dealing with constraints.

Although there is lots to love about our new Workout Tracking, my two favorite features are:

  • The Faceboard– building on our already popular Faceboard, you can now see the day’s workouts, historical performance and leaderboards. Our Leaderboards display in gyms via a large monitor, or a tablet device. This means our Workout Tracking works with what you have and WOD results look amazing on almost any device.
  • The Workout Calendar– this replaces workout planning in spreadsheets and allows coaches to program workouts directly into Zen Planner. Since everyone works best when things are all in the same place, this is a great feature.

Just like Zen Planner’s core platform, Workout Tracking is compatible on any digital platform (website, blogs, Facebook, mobile and tablet devices). And, Workout Tracking gives gyms and boxes a way to accurately track their athlete’s progress over time. This keeps athletes engaged and motivated to work toward their next personal best, which as you know, improves member retention. I personally find this important because it often feels like my gains are so small and slow in coming, so seeing my historical results helps me realize that steady consistent gains help you win the race.

We did a limited release of our Workout Tracking at the CrossFit® Games in July, and the response of those who had the chance to see it was incredibly positive. We heard time and again that it is intuitive, attractive and robust. But the ability for a user to customize and define the system the way it will best work for them was probably the aspect folks are most excited about.

Activate our Workout Tracking today and try it free until November 1, 2014. After November 1st, if you choose to keep this valuable addition, it will be at the nominal cost of $25 per month. Even with the addition of Workout Tracking our complete software solution is still 40% less than most competitive offerings. If you choose to not utilize the comprehensive Workout Tracking, the original Skills Tracking will still be available at no cost. To read more, please see our website.

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