Managing Fitness Equipment Borrowers with Zen Planner

3 min read


Watch the video above to learn how you can manage your equipment borrowers using Zen Planner.

Loaning your equipment to members is a great option to offer value while fitness businesses are temporarily closed. Many of our customers have reported that they are loaning out equipment to help members stay active at home. If you are a Zen Planner customer, check out this simple overview for managing your fitness equipment borrowers.

  • Clients feel connected to the gym
  • Clients are encouraged to maintain a regular workout routine
  • Provides more options for workouts
  • You are showing your clients that you are here for them.

  • Build out Custom Fields. This allows for you to note the equipment that was rented, date of rental and return date.
  • Build out a rental agreement. This will allow for clients to sign off on the equipment rented and care instructions/expectations for the equipment.
  • Track it. Create a report that will show your clients and details behind the equipment they rented.

Loaning your fitness equipment during the COVID-19 pandemic is about much more than the equipment itself. It’s about helping your members stay active and well. It’s about staying engaged and providing value beyond the gym walls. If you are looking for more tips about how to keep your members engaged and informed, check out our Rapid Recovery Toolkit and watch the webinar below.