Rapid Recovery Toolkit for Boutique Fitness Businesses

The ever-changing coronavirus outbreak has impacted daily lives throughout the world, and it has unquestionably impacted the fitness industry. To help you lead your community through this unprecedented time period, we compiled a library of COVID-19 resources for gyms and fitness businesses from industry experts. These resources will help you increase community engagement and monitor trends through COVID-19.

COVID-19 Toolkit and Help Documentation

Zen Planner Toolkit
SugarWOD Toolkit
UpLaunch Toolkit

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Burpees Again?! Varying Your Programming for Maximum Results

Thursday, April 16th at 1pm MDT

Tired of programming push ups? Sick of air squats? Get advice from the top coaches in CrossFit how you can program varied, equipment-free and challenging workouts for your members to ensure their progression during quarantine!
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Boutique Fitness Industry Trends

One of the ways we are committed to helping as much as possible during this unprecedented time is help you keep an eye on national boutique trends​.

We are actively working on national year-over-year, week-by-week, and day-by-day views of usage, joins, and cancellation trends to help you keep a pulse on the boutique market and provide benchmarks to compare the impact and recovery of your business.

Check-Ins 2019 vs 2020
COVID-19 Resources for Gyms
Membership Holds 2019 vs 2020
Coronavirus Resources for Gyms
Membership Cancellations 2019 vs 2020
Coronavirus Resources for Gyms

Solutions for Your Fitness Business

Power your fitness business through COVID-19 and beyond.

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