Increase Gym Membership Sales Utilizing the Funnel

engaging with prospect

engaging with prospect

What’s the perfect number of touches to make a sale?

Unfortunately, there’s not one magic number. Certain research suggests at least six touches, but is eight or 10 better?

One of the oldest concepts in marketing came from expert, Dr. Jeffrey Lant, who founded the Rule of Seven. This states that the prospective buyer should hear or see the marketing message at least seven times before they buy it from you. To ensure prospects hear you and take action, they will most likely need to hear from you a minimum of seven times. However, this really depends on many factors, including the type of business, price point, demographic, complexity of service or product, needs/wants, competition and more.

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With the birth of the internet, social media, blogs, targeted ads, etc., the sales process has become quite complex. While it may be simpler and easier to reach our target audience, the message requires strategy to build trust and stand out.

Whether you choose to go with seven, eight or 10+ touches, the important thing to remember is the message you are communicating. Here are five ways to optimize your touch points.

1). Stand out

As everyone knows, we have access to a plethora of information at all times. We are constantly being targeted on Facebook, Instagram, Google, public transportation, billboards, phone calls and so on. It’s important to be smart and efficient with your communication. Be consistent and repetitive so you have the chance to be heard. Reach out in personal ways as many times as it takes to make the sale.

2). Gain new prospects

Find creative ways to get your services out to the public and simple ways for people to find you and reach out (on your website, for example), and feel comfortable submitting a request information or contact form.

3). Build and maintain a list

Keep a running list of prospects, organize them into categories, keep track of the number of touches and communication for each.

4). Create meaningful communication

Whether that’s calling a prospect a few times to find a connection to telling a great story through social media or a blog that makes an emotional connection for that person. Be genuine and authentic to your brand. This creates trust and ultimately a loyal, happy customer.

5). Use all sources of medium to get your message across

Social media is a great way to communicate with prospects by sharing content and interacting with them on a daily basis. Text and email automations, personal phone calls and blog posts are a great way to keep these prospects engaged.

How can Zen Planner ensure you’re reaching the appropriate amount of touchpoints with the correct message? Here are some built-in tools to help generate, nurture and convert leads into members.

Free trial call-to-action

Though you shouldn’t give away your services, it isn’t a bad idea to give prospects a taste of your facility so they can see the value of your services. A free trial should be one free class – not a free month. Allow your prospects to see your space, your community and your success and then invite them to be a part of it through a membership sale.

New lead widget and iFrame codes

Copy and paste the prospect tools provided in your Zen Planner database into your website. New leads will fill out the form, which will then create new profiles for them within Zen Planner so you don’t need to manually enter them into your database. You can even setup automations to notify you every time you get a new lead so you can follow up with them while they’re still hot.

prospect funnel widget

Use the Prospect Funnel

Activate our new Prospect Funnel to automate the task of prospect follow-up. Once someone fills out a form, get notified and have Zen Planner send them an email or text. Then activate tasks so your staff can receive reminders to call the prospect and schedule an assessment or trial. Manage when, how often and which messages should be sent to you, the prospect and staff members. Our new Prospect Funnel has doubled membership sales for several Zen Planner customers.

studio suite

You work hard to provide first-class services at your gym. Let Zen Planner make it easier for your prospects to find your facility and engage with you by using our tools.

Getting prospects is one thing, but closing the sale is another. Get tips on how to sell without selling by watching our latest webinar.

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