“Implementing the prospect funnel saves me an hour and a half every day. I recommend Zen Planner to all of our affiliates.”

Paul Lucero
Ludwig Martial Arts

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duane bang


Sensei Duane Ludwig is a pillar in the martial arts world. Not only does he hold the fastest knockout record in UFC history (an incredible six seconds) and is a two-time Mixed Martial Arts Coach of the Year, Ludwig is also a successful business owner. Along with his friend and administrator, Paul Lucero, Ludwig has created an affiliation to share his philosophy with people from all walks of life, all over the world. Since opening his first location in Broomfield, Colorado two and a half years ago, Ludwig has added 30+ affiliates both domestic and international.


But even a pillar in the mixed martial arts world can encounter some challenges in generating leads and converting those leads to students. Lucero, who manages the day-to-day tasks of Ludwig Martial Arts, admits “there are so many little things that can turn into big things if they’re not managed appropriately.”

Lucero used other prospecting tools before becoming an administrator at Ludwig Martial Arts. He was familiar with the attention that successful prospecting requires. He thought Zen Planner might have tools to assist in tracking, but needed to learn more about basic functionality of Zen Planner first. When they signed up with Zen Planner in 2013, Lucero quickly learned the basics, like belt and attendance tracking, reporting, automated billing and retail. He appreciated Zen Planner’s all-in-one toolset. “I don’t have to use a separate application for each function – I can do it all in Zen Planner.”

But there was one thing Lucero hadn’t implemented – the automated prospect funnel. “I didn’t know Zen Planner was capable of doing all that it does.”

Before implementing the Prospect Funnel with Partner Relations Manager, Chris Mierzwiak, Lucero was tracking leads in a very manual way. “We would file leads in a folder. Everything was paper- and most of it still is just because of how we like to operate – but it was not quick. Implementing the prospect funnel saves me an hour and a half every day.”

Not only that, but actual insight into lead reporting was blurry at best. It was a challenge to be easily aware of what exactly was going on with our leads. “Our prospect reporting was unreliable because we weren’t tracking appropriately.”


It took one hour to implement the Prospect Funnel with Mierzwiak. Since then, insight into prospect tracking is easy to access and understand.

Ludwig Martial Arts uses embedded Zen Planner forms on their website so if anyone fills anything out, Lucero will get an email and a task. “Now, I don’t have to check my email – I can see it in my tasks. It’s all in one place which saves time.”

Not only that, but Ludwig Martial Arts is able to capture leads and convert them into students more efficiently. “I can see an increase in conversions. Before, I was averaging about three to four leads a week. Now I’m up to six leads per week – and this number is much more consistent than before.”

Lucero is now able to track exactly where prospects are in his Zen Planner Prospect Funnel. He is able to follow up with a new prospect immediately – without using multiple applications. Each day, he addresses the tasks assigned to him and filters people through his conversion funnel.

This functionality – which can cost up to $150 per month using special prospecting softwares is already included in Lucero’s monthly Zen Planner subscription. There is no extra cost to use the Prospect Funnel.

Along with all the other tasks Lucero manages, such as retail inventory and orders, instructor and schedule management, membership adjustments, marketing and more, the Zen Planner automated prospect funnel allows him to accomplish all daily tasks – funnel related and not.

“I recommend Zen Planner to all of our affiliates,” Lucero says. “Once you get used to how it works, it’s a powerful tool.”

Ludwig Martial Arts is among dozens of Zen Planner customers that have implemented our pre-built Prospect Funnel. Results have been consistent in not only increasing conversions from prospect to member, but also shedding light into prospect reporting and saving time to manage other business aspects. One business even doubled membership sales in their first month of implementation!


  • Saves 1.5 hours every day by automating prospecting tasks
  • Increased lead generation by almost double
  • Increased prospect conversions through constant and personable communication
  • Displays accurate, easily read and understandable prospect reporting in real-time


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