Introducing the Insights and Impact Report: Data Trends for the Fitness Industry

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What’s happening in the fitness industry? 

Since COVID-19 shutdowns began to impact fitness businessesthe answer to this question has not been available industry-wide. 

Zen Planner is excited to bridge this information gap by bringing an interactive monthly update to the fitness industry, the Insights and Impact Report. The Insights and Impact Report is a monthly breakdown of data trends and insights so leaders like you can make informed business decisions.  

Key Performance Indicators and Re-Opening Phases 

As the data trends change from month to month, so will the KPIs (key performance indicators) examined in the Insights and Impact Report. In its breakout version, June 2020, the KPIs are analyzed through the lens of re-opening phase.  

With that, June’s report focuses on Payments Revenue and Check-Ins in the order of Re-Opened in May, Re-Opened in June, NStay-At-Home Orders in State, and State Has Not Yet Re-Opened.  

The Answers You Expect from Zen Planner 

Your fitness business deserves to know what’s happening in the industry, especially during these challenging times, and Zen Planner is prepared to deliver that clarity.  

The Insights and Impact Report is much more than a spreadsheet with data. At the end of each section, note a brief recommendation based on the trends identified that month. Take these data trends and key takeaways and use them to inform your fitness business decisions.  

As you fight for your communities, Zen Planner is fighting for you.

Visit the Insights and Impact Report, view the trends across markets, interact with the Boutique Fitness data and even download a PDF to take with you.

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