The boutique fitness industry is comprised of closely connected communities. As boutique fitness businesses begin their re-opening efforts, the tight-knit nature of our communities will make the new reality of social distancing and limited class sizes difficult to accept. Let’s look at some simple ways you can encourage connection without contact and safely re-open your boutique fitness business.    

Providing a Safe and Memorable Experience for Your Members 

The COVID-19 pandemic presents a unique member experience challenge. That is, to provide a safe and memorable visit for every customer. Human connection without contact may seem impossible or at least counterintuitive in the boutique fitness space, but we are eager to share some simple ways to get started.  

An important part of the member experience for Zen Planner customers is the Member App, and updates were recently made to support your safe re-opening efforts. One of those updates frees you from staff and shared kiosk check-ins by allowing members to check-in for their reserved class in the Member App on the day of the class.  

How to check in on the Member App 

Additionally, the Member App now allows your members to directly communicate with your business within the app. This provides an easier way to strengthen communication between your boutique fitness business and its members in a socially distanced world. This also provides you with easier access to member feedback which will be especially important as you re-open with new facility guidelines.  

Watch a quick how-to video below or read more about thnew Feedback feature here 

Ensuring a Safe and Efficient Experience for Your Business 

You are also facing the reality of re-opening a facility both after and amid great uncertainty. If your boutique fitness business is preparing to open or has opened, every customer and staff journey must be considered. Once you know these journeys, the next challenge is to create a touch-free experience for each. That may seem impossible, but we are equally eager to share some simple ways to start this planning.  

In Zen Planner, you have full control of your class size limits and reservation requirements. This will be especially helpful as you enforce limited capacity guidelines in addition to social distancing measures.  

Beyond this experience mapping, communication will also be a critical component of your plan. Zen Planner customers have access to robust email capabilities allowing them to set all kinds of automated reminders and community notices during these unusual times.  

The fitness industry has never been hit by and recovered from a pandemic like COVID-19. While our team has worked hard to create over 100 resources and counting, we are learning every day just like you. The foundation Zen Planner is built upon is not technology or feature updates; rather, it’s built upon community and a vision to make your business wildly successful. That foundation of community (along with some best-in-breed technology) is what will help you and thousands of other fitness business owners thrive in a post-pandemic world. 

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