When it comes to paid advertising, Facebook is still one of the best places to invest your time and money. After all, 97% of marketing professionals prefer to advertise on Facebook due to its large and engaged user-base. But for Facebook marketing to work, you need to be strategic. To help you get the results enjoyed by the most experienced marketing professionals, we’ll show you how to create Facebook Ads for a martial arts kids program.

Know Your Objective

To start, you need to know what you want to accomplish with each of your ads. Sometimes you’ll want to generate community-wide awareness for your kids program, which requires a different type of ad strategy than when you want to drive enrollments for a specific class or camp. Knowing what you want to achieve, or your objective for each ad, is the first and most basic step in your strategy.

Clarify Your Personas

Next, you need to be clear on who you’re trying to reach. The more specific you are, the better success you’ll have. In this case, you need to connect with parents in your community. However, since Facebook allows you to target specific demographics, you must identify the qualities of your ideal parent. Consider qualifiers such as geographic location, age, marital status, career, education level, household income, hobbies and interests.

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Create Concise and Quality Ads

Of course, your ads must be concise and value-driven. One of the biggest mistakes we see with Facebook Ads for a martial arts kids program are ads that look like basic Facebook posts, which are ineffective and easy to scroll by. Instead, your ads should feature a compelling hook, valuable offer and irresistible call-to-action. And ideally, they should also impart an element of urgency to prompt action. For instance, an urgent, value-driven offer would be a limited-time free uniform or protective gear with new student enrollments.

In addition, you need attractive creative that includes high-quality images and videos of your students. One tip to give you the best results is to avoid wide-angle shots to improve campaign performance on mobile devices.

Build Your Audience

Now you’re ready to begin building your targeted, custom audiences in Facebook. Depending on your objective, you can either choose to broadly target a large group of parents in your area for an awareness campaign, or you can target a smaller, specific and well-defined group for a conversion campaign. You can use your dojo software to build out demographic profiles of your student base.

One thing to keep in mind is that strategic targeting of smaller audiences allows you to cater your copy and creative to specific characteristics of the audience for a higher likelihood of conversion. This ability is especially helpful in cases where you target an audience based on their engagement with your Facebook business page or through actions on your website.

Another tactic to try is creating a lookalike audience, which delivers ads to new people with the same demographics as your best customers. These audiences are usually high-converting and provide a good ROI for your ads.

Test and Retest to Refine Your Ads

Finally, you should test and track which Facebook Ad campaigns work best, then refine your ads so you can maximize your marketing spend.

By following these tips, you can build a successful Facebook advertising strategy for your kids program. For more digital marketing ideas for your martial arts school, check out this blog post that covers typical ad spend and the benefits of outsourcing your digital marketing.

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