“I thank God for Zen Planner. Their features are ‘off-the-chain’ wonderful and our members love to use it.”

Thea Smith
Owner of M.A.D.E Fitness

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M.A.D.E Fitness focuses on intense fitness training through boot camps, personal training plans and additional classes that will benefit members for years to come. M.A.D.E. Fitness, located in Nashville, Tennessee, is a fitness facility that aims to provide its members with life-changing results through innovative, creative and challenging workouts. They hire only experts in fitness who provide the right fitness plan to their members. M.A.D.E. opened for business in 2010 and has been growing ever since.


One of the biggest challenges that the M.A.D.E. team encountered soon after opening was the time-consuming manual process of data entry. Thea Smith, assistant to the owners, spent each day entering member data into multiple spreadsheets. The rapid growth of the business created even more stress on her and the team to keep track of everything such as account information, prospects, billing, questions from members, taxes and member fitness plans. The challenge reached a point that either a full time employee would need to be hired to handle only the data entry or they would need to find a gym software solution to fit their needs.


Zen Planner worked closely with the M.A.D.E. team to ensure a smooth transition for the business that included training for the entire staff. Smith and her team had such an easy on-boarding experience that she did not need the second on-boarding session. Once the gym management software was installed, the spreadsheets disappeared and the time-consuming data entry process was replaced with Zen Planner’s all-in-one software system.

Zen Planner saved M.A.D.E. Fitness tens of thousands of dollars each year in staff overhead and increased their productivity exponentially. Zen Planner’s automated billing, scheduling, workout tracking, member connect, dashboard and reporting have helped free the M.A.D.E. team from time-consuming data entry, which allowed them to grow the business and focus on customer experience. “Our members really like Member Connect. Everything they need is on the Zen Planner system, and they love it. I’d tell other gym owners that they need to have Zen Planner to run their business,” added Smith.


  • Organized member data
  • Automated billing
  • Automated alerts
  • Fitness plan tracking
  • Increased staff efficiency
  • Seamless transition to Zen Planner


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