Tracking Attendance…Why Does it Matter?

Sometimes keeping track of who is in your class can be a pain. Spending time making sure everyone is checking in before class and verifying your class list against who is actually present all takes time. If you do that for every class every day, it sure adds up. Is all that effort really worth it?

Of course, the answer is a resounding yes. Tracking attendance is essential to the success of your clients as well as your fitness business. Here is why tracking attendance matters.

1. It shows you care

When you track attendance, it shows your members that you really do care that they’re in class. They know their presence is noted, and that whether or not they come does indeed matter. Even more importantly, reaching out when a member hasn’t attended for a while shows that you miss them and that you look forward to seeing them in your school or gym again soon. Additionally, if your member management software triggers alerts when a member checks in and needs staff attention (such as to sign a waiver or pay an outstanding bill), taking care of those items when they walk in the door means that your follow ups with them between class can be focused on their progress and your curriculum, rather than bill collections and other administration issues.

2. It makes your members more successful

The most important part of a successful fitness routine is consistency. By tracking attendance, it’s easier to keep your members on progressing toward their goals. They can see the impact of their attendance on their progress, and you can encourage them when they’re consistent and coach them when they’re not.

3. It makes your product, and therefore your business, more successful

By tracking attendance, you can easily spot trends to help you maximize your product offering. If notice that your Monday/Wednesday 6pm class is filled to the brim, you can consider offering a similar class at 6pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays. If you see low attendance on Friday evenings, you may find that slot might be better filled by a targeted “invite only” or “limited time” class that would draw a bigger crowd. Do your students with 2x/week membership usually come both days they’re eligible? If so, maybe it’s time to trial a 3x/week option to increase your revenue.

When you do track attendance, make sure to keep it simple. Consider using one of Zen Planner’s self check-in options, such as the Faceboard, Kiosk Mode or Staff App. This lets your students to do most of the work for you. Empowering your members to check themselves in means all you need to do is quick check during class to make sure your attendance counts match the number of students present. By using an automated way to track attendance, you can concentrate on what really matters – making your students and your business hugely successful.

Actively tracking attendance is a great way to help you identify which members may be at risk of leaving your gym, studio or school. Looking for ways to prevent churn? Get your copy of our guide, Member Churn Prevention & Warning Signs!

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