How to Convert Facebook Leads into New Athletes at Your Affiliate Gym

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You invested in a sound lead generation strategy on Facebook, but now what? Are you doing what it takes to convert Facebook leads into new athletes? According to Hubspot, 50% of your new leads won’t be ready to buy right away. So, to make the most of each lead, you must have a strategic, intentional lead conversion system in place including affiliate gym software . This doesn’t mean you can send one email and mark it as done. Instead, you need to combine the practice of using strategic touchpoints with an automated sales funnel to make the most of your marketing spend.

Features of an Effective Lead Conversion System

Lead nurturing works, but there are some essential elements of an effective system. To start, you’ll need to touch each lead an average of eight to twelve times to convert them. These contacts are called touchpoints, and your touchpoints should be made up of the following strategic mix of features and tactics.


To convert Facebook leads an immediate response is key when a prospect reaches out to you. Research shows that sales almost always go to the first business that calls back.


Sales also go to the business that combines automated communication like email and SMS messaging with human interactions like calls and personal texts. For this reason, automated communication and automated staff reminders are essential for converting leads. They save valuable time and ensure consistency.


Prospect emails should be customized with your own content and configured to go out at appropriate intervals based on where the prospect is in your sales funnel. This point is critical because prospects who receive the right information at the right time during their decision-making process are far more likely to buy. We’ll talk more about sales funnels in the next section and show you how and when you should use customized touchpoints to make sales.


As we mentioned above, your leads may not be ready to buy when you get them. So, you have to contact your leads multiple times to convert them, which means consistency is critical for success. You cannot become discouraged and let your leads go after a couple of emails.


You should also include differentiated touches like handwritten notes or a logo water bottle after a free trial class. It’s these personal touches that stand out and differentiate you from your competition.

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Mapping Out a Lead Conversion System (Your Sales Funnel)

Now that you know the essential touchpoint tactics involved in a lead conversion system, we’ll walk you through the distinct stages in a prospect’s sales cycle. By combining the tactics with your sales funnel, you’ll be able to deliver the right touchpoints and information at the right time.

Awareness Stage

At the awareness stage, your prospects will likely come to you as an online lead looking for more information. Your sales funnel should be configured to send an immediate “thank you” email or SMS message as well as an automated task prompting a staff member to reach out to the prospect. When your staff member calls, they should answer questions and request important information to help facilitate a sale. Your automated communication should also provide anything the prospect requested (for example, rate information, class times or box location) combined with a strong call to action like signing up for a free trial.

Consideration Stage

Once you’ve provided the initial touchpoints, your prospect begins to move to the consideration stage. They are probably considering other affiliate gyms in your area in search of the best fit for them. Your sales funnel should be configured to prompt additional staff touches as well as to send appropriate and customized emails.

What do we mean by customized? Well, if the prospect visited your box for that free trial, the email you send should be different than if they haven’t come in yet. The content and the call to action should be specific to your prospect’s actions and stage in your funnel. Emails that are appropriate to the buyer stage have a higher open and conversion rate than random and less strategic emails.

Decision Stage

Once your prospect is closer to making their decision, your sales funnel should be configured for follow up calls and emails. Once again, your content should be customized based on the prospect’s behavior. Differentiation is also helpful at this stage. A handwritten note can set your box apart from others your prospect might be considering.

By combining strategies like automated, differentiated and customized communication with a strategic sales funnel, you can build an intentional lead conversion system to help convert Facebook leads.

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