Fitness classes provide one of the best, most cost-effective ways to get in shape for your members. However, there are some members who need the one-on-one attention or seek out tailored sessions to help them reach their goals. For these members, a class-based fitness program isn’t going to do the trick. What they need are 1:1 appointments, and now booking and paying staff based on these appointments is easier and better than ever.

Our recently updated appointments functionality is perfect for any businesses that rely on appointments to generate revenue. And, for those businesses that don’t utilize appointments, now is the perfect opportunity to start and add an additional revenue stream to your business. Keep reading and we’ll detail 3 ways our new appointment features can help your fitness business.

Book appointments on the go

You know the drill, your finishing up a class with a group and a member sticks around afterward and asks if there is any way to get some additional 1:1 training. Previously, you would have had to make a note and create an appointment on your desktop later on, or, perhaps more likely, the note would have been forgotten and you may have missed out on some additional revenue.

Now, staff members can book from their mobile device in seconds right from the studio floor, the grocery store aisle or wherever else they meet a member or a prospective member who is looking for some specialized training. Not only is this way more efficient, it also helps save additional revenue that might have slipped through the cracks.

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Flexible ways to pay your staff

Up until now, it was difficult to pay your staff based on the appointments they teach within Zen Planner. However, with our newest updates, you now have multiple ways to pay your staff.

Appointments: Base Rate

When paying out appointments using base rate, you pay your coaches and instructors a flat rate for any appointments they teach. It is a clean, easy way to make sure you’re paying your staff appropriately for their time and expertise.

Appointments: Percentage-Based

With percentage-based payroll, you pay your staff a standardized percentage for the appointments they teach. This incentivizes your staff to book more lucrative appointments that benefit both the instructor and your business.

Expand Your Programming 

Most fitness businesses, if they don’t already do so, would benefit from including appointment-based programming into their offerings. Aside from offering an additional revenue stream, it also benefits your members who might be more introverted, or those looking for more specific or tailored instruction.

How you structure your offering depends on the type of business you run. Some types of businesses lend themselves to appointment-based programming (i.e. personal training, performance coaching), but if you’re just starting to integrate appointments into your curriculum, it can be easiest to just start with a base appointment rate. Once you’re ready to expand your programming even further you can experiment with different offerings and see what works best for your organization.

Your fitness business can benefit from Zen Planner’s appointment functionality. Want to dig in further, give us a call or sign up for a demo today!

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