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Zen Planner’s power is in its simplicity. Getting access to the right combination of essential, intuitive features means you’ll save more time to focus on your passion and develop even stronger relationships with your members, students and staff. Zen Planner’s complete fitness business software package custom-fits your business needs the moment you begin using it, and its flexible features continue to evolve along with you as you grow.


With our easy-to-use online calendar and convenient check-in options, Zen Planner’s fitness scheduling software simplifies even the toughest schedules. Because class updates appear instantly on your website, members can quickly check to see which classes and locations are available, self-register from any mobile device and easily pay online. Take advantage of detailed attendance reporting to stay informed about enrollment, and use that helpful data to improve member retention.
  • Easily embed the online appointment calendar widget on any website or on Facebook.
  • Speed up check-ins using our mobile kiosk and your existing keyboard, tablet or barcode scanner.
  • Let members schedule appointments, register for classes and make payments from any mobile device, using Member Connect.
  • Stay on top of member attendance and enrollment numbers with detailed reporting tools.
  • Avoid scheduling conflicts and double bookings with helpful real-time calendar updates to your website.
  • Quickly view your calendar by staff member, location or program using our simple filters.


As active participants in the fitness community ourselves, our team is dedicated to your success. We know what drives your business and believe the technology you choose should be compatible with the way you do business. That’s why we custom-designed Zen Planner’s integrated payment system to simplify your fitness business billing tasks, protect all your financial data and process member payments more efficiently.
  • Let members view their bills and make secure payments online with our member self-service portal.
  • Easily track expenses, calculate taxes and simplify your financial transactions with auto-payment integration.
  • Keep customer payment information secure and confidential with our reliable data protection features. Zen Planner is PCI-DSS Compliant and uses leading security methods to keep financial data safe.
  • Automatically deposit member payments into your business bank account.
  • Save money on transaction fees. On average, Zen Planner’s customers pay 15% less on every transaction.
  • Access complete and up-to-date financial reporting, always at your fingertips.


Your fitness business is building a stronger, healthier community. Zen Planner’s team of fitness professionals understands this mission and what it takes to retain and grow membership. Whether you’re looking to boost merchandise sales, increase participation or improve communication with members, we’ve created the most complete software with fitness business marketing tools to help you achieve your goals and attract new members.
  • Sell merchandise online with our integrated storefront. You can also set up automated alerts to let you know when new orders arrive, or when inventory is low.
  • Customize event registration forms with photos, maps and your own logo. Visitors can easily register and pay for events and workshops directly through your site.
  • Establish more routine communication with members and help build long-term relationships with automated emails.
  • Easily embed lead capture forms on your existing website and add prospects directly into Zen Planner.
  • Make it easy for prospects to find new class times and book free trials with our interactive calendar.
  • Simply track prospect conversion rates and identify the most successful marketing campaigns.


Our Basic Workout Tracking tool record promotional test and workout results, help you keep track of where your students are in relation to the next skill or belt-level and automatically integrate student profiles with performance tracking to help them achieve their goals.
  • Simply record skill test and workout results from almost any device. Save your history in the online logbook to analyze performance.
  • Track and analyze results. Instantly review member performance on the online leaderboard. Each student or member can set goals and measure progress over time.
  • Let the world know about the unique community you’re building. Members can proudly share their results on the online leaderboards and on Facebook.
  • Easily perform batch upgrades after students complete a skill test, or progress to the next level.
  • Tie workout results to each member’s existing profile in Zen Planner with integrated workout tracking.
  • Assign workouts to specific classes and display them on your online calendar or website for members to view.


By tracking progress, you can ensure your athletes are reaching their goals. And Zen Planner’s new Premium Workout Tracking makes it easy for you to track the fitness performance of your members and athletes. Workout tracking is fully integrated into Zen Planner’s all-in-one fitness software solution. With Premium Workout Tracking you can:
  • Define every category and workout name in just a few clicks with easy-to-use navigation.
  • Engage your gym members with a visual display of the gym’s attendees, the day’s workouts, historical performance and leaderboards. Create a fun and engaging tool for both students and coaches.
  • Eliminate the spreadsheets commonly used for workout programming. Program workouts directly into Zen Planner.
  • Track and analyze results. Instantly review member performance on the online leaderboard and identify key trends through graphs.
  • Gain a competitive advantage by tracking your athlete’s progress over time and improve member success and retention.
Workout tracking is compatible on any digital platform (website, blogs, Facebook) and almost any device. No expensive equipment required! And, you can let the world know about the unique community you’re building. Members can proudly share their results on the online leaderboards and on their social networks.


It’s no fun being tied down to the desk or stuck on the phone dealing with scheduling issues. Empower your students and members to take charge of their own fitness routines and appointments with convenient self-scheduling tools and online registration. Members’ workout results are automatically reported to their existing profiles in Zen Planner, and they can proudly post on Facebook to share their progress with friends. Soon, everyone will know about the community you’re building and what sets your gym or studio apart from the rest.
  • Let members review class selections, make appointments for training sessions and manage their accounts from any mobile device, using Member Connect.
  • Avoid scheduling conflicts and double bookings with helpful real-time calendar updates to your website.
  • Support student goals with Zen Planner’s Faceboard. Members can easily set goals and measure their own progress over time using the online leaderboard.
  • Give members quick access to available classes and locations. Using the online calendar, they can self-register and pay from any mobile device.
  • Make it easy for members to view class options and calendars by instructor, location or program, using our simple filters.
  • Shorten the line at the front desk. Members can quickly check themselves into the gym or studio using the mobile kiosk.


Stay informed and explore every aspect of your growing fitness business with helpful dashboard updates and customizable reporting tools that allow for deep visibility into your business and show you the areas where you can grow your fitness business.
  • Create and save your own customized reports or choose from predefined reports to stay informed about how your business is doing.
  • Easily export reports to your favorite spreadsheet program or email them directly to your accountant.
  • Set automated alerts to receive important data and notify your staff when specific items need to be reviewed.
  • Quickly follow up on failed payments, absent members, upcoming promotions and more.
  • Roll up reports instantly for multiple locations. Parent organizations can view detailed results for each location and run financial reports to measure big-picture progress.
  • Easily share common reports, templates, and statistics between multiple locations using Zen Planner Groups.


Simplify the scheduling process and keep your instructors informed with access to real-time calendar updates and helpful automated tools, designed to save you valuable time.
  • With easy access to the mobile website, your team can check classes and appointments anytime, from any mobile device.
  • Simply embed your online calendar directly into your existing website and view all updates in real-time.
  • Enable members to reserve a spot in any class from any mobile device, accessing all the same helpful features from your member website.
  • Put an end to scheduling conflicts and double bookings. Zen Planner’s staff-scheduling tools and auto-reminders help keep instructors in synch and on time.
  • Make it easy for any new instructor entering the studio. Intuitive scheduling and speedy check-in features are convenient and easily accessible for first-time users.
  • Ensure that instructors are paid correctly and on time with reliable fitness business payroll tracking.


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