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THE WORKS Personal Training Studio is owned by Jennifer Searles and is located in the heart of Manhattan, NY with 2,500 square feet of personal training space equipped with top-of-the-line free weights and cardio equipment. Her mission is to help motivate and educate individuals with the necessary tools to succeed in whatever fitness goal they wish to attain.


The Works was having challenges capturing data from interested new prospects and housing that data in a consistent format that was easily accessible to all employees. People interested in joining the gym would call in, but their names would get lost because their information was not kept in the same place. This meant that Searles and her team was forced to track down the information, call the prospects back and send emails back and forth to try to resolve any issues. This process was not only time-consuming, but it cost the businesses thousands of dollars a month in revenue from potential new customers. The WORKS team also spent too much time following up with members on topics such as scheduling and organizing account information, rather than focusing on working with individual clients on personal goals.


Several options were evaluated with her team, but it was Zen Planner that provided the best personal training business software solution for The Works. The deciding factor to go with Zen Planner was the user-friendly software and its ability to keep important gym and member information in one place. Once Zen Planner was implemented, it helped free up approximately 25% of Searles’ time, allowing her to focus on strategies for growing the business. After only nine months with Zen Planner, gym membership quadrupled and employees found Zen Planner easy to use and quickly embraced its capabilities. Gym members easily adopted Zen Planner and gave rave reviews of their new online scheduling process.


  • Zen Planner enabled The Works to grow and expand it’s member base.
  • Searles saved $84,000 a year in by housing important gym information such as new member prospect data, employee and member schedules and integrating payment processing.
  • Zen Planner freed up 25% of Searles’ time enabling her to focus on business growth.
  • Sales for the business quadrupled since beginning with Zen Planner.


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