Hot Off the Press: Zen Planner’s Third Annual Benchmark Reports

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Zen Planner's Annual Benchmark Reports

Zen Planner's Annual Benchmark Reports

From the beginning, Zen Planner’s mission has been to make fitness businesses wildly successful so that they can transform the hearts, minds and bodies of their communities. We feel that by helping fitness business owners find success we are doing our little part to make the world a happier and healthier place.

Essential to pursuing this mission is providing our community of fitness business owners with not only the software tools, websites and services to be successful, but also the knowledge and insights to help them reach their goals. For the third year in a row, we took it upon ourselves to find out what made the highest performing businesses successful by surveying hundreds of studios, boxes, gyms and schools across the world.

We went deep. Asking participants detailed questions about their business including finances, operations, member retention, staffing and marketing. After the survey, we poured over the data, analyzed the trends and ultimately compiled everything into comprehensive, digestible Benchmark Reports.

Thrivers charge what they are worth and sell based on value, not price. 

-Key Takeaway from the Annual Boutique Fitness Benchmark Report, 3rd Edition

When we released the first edition in 2017, these Benchmark Reports gave fitness business owners in the martial arts, affiliate gym, boutique fitness and yoga spaces the industry data and insights they couldn’t find anywhere else. They were a hit. So, we decided to make a second edition, which turned out to be even more successful.

Now, we are excited to announce the launch of our Third Annual Benchmark Reports!

Download your report now. 

This year we made some adjustments to the format of the report based on feedback we received from our community. These reports feature additional questions, expanded data sets, key takeaways and a brand-new Member Report that helps shed light on the member experience.

Having three years of industry data has not only helped us evaluate yearly trends, but also helps us identify the steadfast traits of the highest performing businesses:
• They are intentional about discounting.
• They sell on value, not price.
• They invest in marketing.

In addition to highlighting what top performing businesses are doing right, we also provide hundreds of data points from small, medium and large businesses to help provide benchmarks for business owners to compare against others in the industry. Some of these data points include:
• Membership Pricing
• Discounting Strategies
• Marketing Spend and Lead Generation
• Facility Size Compared to Member Count
• Why Members Choose a Gym

The reports are available for download today. Simply click the link below to download your copy and dig in.