Introducing the Zen Planner Marketplace for Fitness Business Owners

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Zen Planner is excited to announce our newest innovation to help fitness business owners delight their members and grow their communities, the Zen Planner Marketplace. The Zen Planner Marketplace provides customers with integrations and special offers with other solutions and services many of you are already using!  

We are especially happy to announce our partnership with NCFIT, innovators in the online fitness community who offer customizable fitness programming from world-class coaches.  

In addition to connecting you with other leading solutions and services in the industry, you will also have access to our in-house solutions including website design, digital marketing and Full Service Billing 

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We are dedicated to helping you run your fitness business easier and become wildly successful, and we believe these solutions will accelerate that mission. By curating an unmatched selection of proven products and services, you will be able to find practical solutions to the daily jobs you are trying to complete.  

As we continue to grow and expand our connections, you will see the Zen Planner Marketplace change and adapt with more features and integrations that directly benefit your business. Check back often to see what’s new in the Zen Planner Marketplace, and as always, reach out to us anytime!  

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