Before I began working at Zen Planner, I did pretty boring workouts. I ran. I climbed on the StairMaster at my local rec center. I ran on a treadmill when it rained. I worked out in my basement to “Insanity” and P90x. Yes, I can feel your eyes beginning to close now.

I can’t say I ever looked forward to these workouts. I did them because I’ve always followed some sort of fitness routine. But, I never considered fitness ‘fun.’ I did it because I want to stay healthy and model wellness for my kids.

Then I started working at Zen Planner. Within my first 2 months of joining, I visited our fitness software customers at MMA gyms, martial arts dojos, dance fitness studios, and CrossFit boxes. I saw our customers and their clients doing all kinds of workouts – Muay Thai boxing, Barre Sculpt, Krav Maga, and CrossFit. These workouts were different than anything I’d been exposed to and it seemed like the coaches and instructors were having as much fun as the clients doing them. So, I thought I’d at least try a few of these workouts.

slam-ball-in-a-lineI started doing CrossFit mostly to understand our customers and their needs. I figured I’d go for a month or so and then return to my old routine. One month in, I was questioning my sanity, but I also was beginning to love the challenge. Six months later, I’m completely hooked and most mornings look forward to my 5am workout. I’ve also gone back to Pilates, tried a few different yoga classes and committed to attending at least one new fitness class a month.

I discovered that when you change your routine, exercise doesn’t have to be boring. I stumbled across the article, “The 27 Best Alternative Gyms in America,” that further proves that there are always finding new ways to stretch, strengthen and workout. You’ll even see Zen Planner customers CrossFit LA and Downsize Fitness mentioned. Here’s to our customers who create workouts that inspire and transform their customers every day. Here’s to fun!

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