Yoga Studio Ideas to Reinvigorate Your Studio

Refresh Yoga Community

Refresh Yoga Community

In the yoga world, September and early October are notoriously slow. With kids heading back to school and parents carpooling for youth sports, it’s often quiet from a business standpoint. But, if you’re experiencing a little early-fall slowdown, don’t despair. A bit of downtime can be a good thing because it provides the space for you to step back and reflect on the energy in your yoga community.

If things feel monotonous or in need of a refresh, we have some easy-to-implement yoga studio ideas for your schedule.

Meditation Classes and Workshops

Adding meditation classes is a smart business move and one that likely meets a community need. After all, these mindful practices are what we desperately need in our stressed and ever-connected world.

A great place to start is with a beginner workshop taught by you or one of your instructors. Feature a weekly theme, supported by a reading and discussion, and then finish with a meditation practice. You could even assign participants homework, including a daily meditation practice and reflective journal entry.

However, if you worry your community isn’t ready to jump right into a multi-week workshop, offering weekly or monthly donation-based meditation classes is a safe way to start. Consider sharing the donations with local non-profits as a way to foster a studio culture of Seva.

Friday Night Rotating Special Classes

We often hear studio owners comment about a lack of popularity in the Friday evening class spot. No matter what you offer, students always seem to want something different. If you provide a soothing Candlelight Yin practice, students ask for a Hot Power class. But, if you have Hot Power Yoga scheduled, you hear requests for Yin. The perfect answer is to offer several different types of classes and styles of practice on a rotating schedule.

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Here are some options that we’ve seen work well in such a rotation:

  • Restorative Date Night
  • High Flying Inversion Workshop
  • Hot Power Happy Hour
  • TGIF Restorative or Yoga Nidra
  • Gong Immersion or Drum Circles
  • Thai Yoga Massage Exchange
  • Yin Yoga with Live Music

Community Building Events Beyond Yoga

There are a lot of great yoga studio ideas, but one of the best would be a refresh  to your community-building events. Don’t worry that they aren’t traditional yoga classes. Your students will embrace opportunities to get together and socialize. If you haven’t already done so, try offering events like:

  • Mindfulness and Malas Workshop
  • Henna Happy Hour
  • Knitting and Mindfulness
  • Holiday Wreath Making Workshop
  • Student Vendor Open House for Small Business Saturday
  • Candle or Soap Making Workshop
  • Fall Cleanse and Ayurveda Workshop

The changing season is the perfect time to make a few schedule changes if needed. By adding new classes and event options, your students will be re-energized as you head firmly into fall and winter.

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